Russia enacts anti-gay adoption ban


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree banning foreign same-sex couples – as well as single people from countries where same-sex marriages are legal – from adopting Russian children.

Though there was no official ban until now, foreigners’ attempts to adopt Russian children before the decree generally would be unsuccessful if a prospective adoptive parent was thought to be gay, international adoption agencies based in Russia have said. Same-sex marriage is illegal in Russia.

The decree was signed Monday and published on a government website Thursday. It went into effect Wednesday, state-funded television network Russia Today reported, but CNN couldn’t immediately confirm that.

Thumb up for Russia. Even in liberal France and other European countries, millions marched against gay adoption and France backed down and wont try and pass a gay adoption bill.


I thought they were already not allowing US adoptions there after the fiasco of that mom that luther adopted child back on a plane to Russia alone, along with a couple other tragic incidences.


Forbidding single people from adopting in countries where gay marriage is legal despite of their sexuality might be kinda problematic, though. It already disenfranchises most of Western Europe.


Well done. :thumbsup: Now if they’d all just become Catholic… :wink:


Good deal. Long live Russia!




Great news!!



I don’t believe that for a second. CNN really confirms things before reporting them? :eek:


A large percentage of them are already… Orthodox Catholic.


I’m not happy about this as a single person. It’s not really likely I will ever adopt but if I did this wouldn’t be an option for me now.


well, i guess i am happy that Putin is able to instrument a law like that in russia. that is how i feel today at this point in time. i thought it was wise when he refused to allow anymore adoptions by u.s. couples after the one poor child was put on a plane alone and sent back to russia. that did not speak well for adoptive couples in the united states.

russia is orthodox catholic and at least they can try to have moral standards in their country.


If US laws were like that Catholic Charities adoption services would still be in business here. But the “gay” lobby got the US laws changed to where Catholic Charities could not legally operate unless they stopped being Catholic. And the reason for CC adoptions closing wasn’t about taxes. It was about licensing.

In order to be licensed by the state, Catholic Charities of Boston would have to obey state laws barring “sexual orientation discrimination.” And because marriage had been redefined in Massachusetts, Catholic Charities could not simply limit its placements to married couples. Catholic leaders asked the state legislature for a religious exemption but were refused. As a result, Catholic Charities of Boston was forced to shut down its adoption services. (USCCB Fact Sheet - Discrimination Against Catholic Adoption Services)


The prime minister’s wife also campaigns against abortion and runs a foundation intended to try and offer Russian girls and women other solutions. I’ve commented on that numerous times before but I believe it’s worth drawing attention to it yet again. She has the backing of the Russian Patriarch in this work and I wish her the best of success at curbing the scourge of abortion in Russia.


They aren’t. No U.S. couples can adopt a Russian child, period.


With extreme moral decay currently afflicting the U.S. like a cancerous tumor, I can’t say I blame Russia for making that choice.


It was motivated by several cases where Russian children died at the hands of their adoptive parents in the US. Also disturbing was the refusal to acknowledge these children’s cultural heritage which seems to have been a factor in several cases where the children were old enough to speak Russian as their daily language of choice but were given new American names and discourage from speaking their original language.


Well considering the low birth rate in Russia it’s in their best interests to keep as many children as possible in the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if they banned all foreign adoptions across the board.


A child has the right of a mother and a father, that is why in Countries where the majority of women have children and there is no father around, it causes major problems in the home especially with boys, who in some cases need a father’s hand, or rather a firm hand.

Good for Russia,


Yup. It’s sad to say that children in America are beginning to be regarded more as property than as family. “No, I couldn’t afford more than one.”


:smiley: You’ve got me there. But I’m still one of those optimists who believes that a reunion would be a good thing.

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