Russia gives away free land, may be trying to keep out Chinese


Free land anyone?

God bless,


Good idea.


Trying to keep out the Chinese by populating Siberia with is ridiculous. If global warming predictions come true (about which I’m agnostic) Siberia could become the world’s breadbasket making it even more desirable.

Only the fear of a nuclear exchange stops China from just walking in.


They should be offering more than 12 acres - 40 acres would be more productive probably.
They have enough of it and even if the climate is beyond harsh - go get it!


Well, my German ancestors were lured to Russia by Catherine the Great’s free land for the farming. Maybe I’ll go become a Russian citizen and come full circle! :smiley:


Even 40 acres is nowhere near enough to grain farm successfully, let alone 12 acres. Twelve acres is just a big yard. This move doesn’t make sense to me, though there might be some reason why I’m just not seeing it.


When Alaska opened up with “homesteading” in the 50s - how many acres could a person stake out? Thinking 40 but maybe it was more?


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