Russia 'in danger of becoming a pariah nation,' says Boris Johnson


**Russia ‘in danger of becoming a pariah nation,’ says Boris Johnson

Britain and the US are looking at ‘a range of options’ to ramp up pressure on Russia, the Foreign Secretary claims.

Russia is in danger of becoming a “pariah nation” thanks to their actions in Syria, Boris Johnson has claimed.

The Foreign Secretary claims the Government has evidence that Russian jets have carried out the attacks, which are “unquestionably a war crime”.**

He told The Sun: “One thing I think is certainly a war crime is the double tap procedure that they do".

Mr Johnson alleged: “They drop one bomb and then they wait for the aid workers to come out, civilian people pulling the injured from the rubble, and then five minutes later they drop another bomb.

“We have evidence. We have good ground to believe that the Russians themselves have been doing that.

“We are trying to document that fully because that is in my view unquestionably a war crime.”

Russia has denied targeting civilians during its bombing campaign in Syria repeatedly stating that it is only going after “terrorists” in the country.

Mr Johnson said the West’s decision not to intervene against President Bashar Assad in 2013 was “a mistake” that “left the space open for the Russians”.

He added: “I think the failure to foresee that was a real error”.


Wow, Vouthon, you and Boris Johnson on the same page - can’t believe my eyes. Do I dream? (or do you, in fact, disagree with his comments here?) Of course Russia has aggressive tendencies toward the West that have been emboldened by the Obama administration/EU/NATO inertia/weakness. All the more reason to elect Trump. :o (and, no, not because Putin likes him) My point is the West needs to have more backbone, a more proactive, united strategy, without being too aggressive. (with any luck we’ll get this no matter who takes office next year in the US but your best bet here is Trumpaloo)


Yes, Boris and I are in full agreement on this - Brexit aside (I know, I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone too! :smiley: ) He has been speaking very well of late on Russia and Aleppo, almost like a complete U-Turn. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone speak so forthrightly about this on the international stage - perhaps excepting Kerry.

Fair is fair, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that jazz :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, I should note that Boris is no fan of Trump (or Clinton) - I tend to agree with him on that as well :wink:

He did not mince his words when describing them…:wink:


Does that mean Western Europe is going to stop buying Russian gas to heat their homes?


Ok good. I agree with Boris for the most part here too. And I believe that both Theresa May and Boris Johnson are good for Britain. Smart, strong, reasonable people, in a world where those attributes are in precious short supply. I would certainly include America at the top of the list of areas where said attributes are all but extinct. Kerry takes the concept of the wet blanket to another level. (do you know who Mr. Magoo is? probably not, nevermind)

I can understand why Johnson would be mortified at the Trump comparison, beyond the hair and penchant for zaniness parallel. With Boris it is an act, a choice, a surface layer, Trump…who knows.

But I still think Europe cannot see Trump or Clinton for what they are and what they will do when elected in terms of dealing with allies/foes. Europeans are smart enough to see about 80% of Trump correctly but his crass Americanism and undeniable, relentless vulgarity induces such panic in them that they cannot see that he is capable of being a decent, reasonable person. I must admit it waxes and wanes for me, so how could you see it. But it is there. The hysteria against Trump speaks more to the irrationality and anxiety on the left than anything about him - in Europe or the States - it is a sort of hypersensitive malaise that quite worries me. Lack of discernment, critical assessment of facts.

However, I once again believe Trump is in danger of losing the election, so we will likely never know what kind of leader he would turn out to be. But of course everything just changes everyday so who knows, LONG way to go.

(sorry going American on a Russian thread, my bad)

I do think Trump and Johnson and Putin would make a great photo op though - to be a fly on the wall…I also think the world would be a better place for it.


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