Russia is sharing information with the Taliban to fight the Islamic State


Russia is sharing information with the Taliban to fight the Islamic State

MOSCOW — A Kremlin official said Wednesday that Russia was exchanging information with the Taliban, the Islamist insurgency that the United States has been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001, as a bulwark against the spread of the Islamic State militant group in that country.

Zamir Kabulov, a Foreign Ministry department head and President Vladimir Putin’s special representative for Afghanistan, told the Interfax news agency that ‘‘the Taliban interest objectively coincides with ours’’ in the fight against the Islamic State, which has captured broad swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq.

‘‘I have already said earlier that we and the Taliban have channels for exchanging information,’’ Kabulov added, in remarks reported by Interfax and confirmed to The Washington Post by a ministry spokesman.


Didn’t someone ftom the Taliban just kill 6 of our people a few days ago?


Yes, but if we are looking at this fairly or maybe playing the devil’s advocate, I’d say:

1.) Everyone sees ISIS as the bigger threat, if it is true for Syria, then why not Afghanistan?

2.) Sharing intelligence among those who are involved in war seems to be a gray area, if one tells them something is happening or where the enemy is, it appears that might be more acceptable than arming them.

I think some of this is the reasoning.


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