RUSSIA - ISLAM - Moscow bans "extremist" anti-Islam film. Youtube at risk [AN]

A court in the capital agreed to the request of the attorney general censoring the film. But with the entry into force of the blacklist of websites now fears the total blocking of Youtube.


I am a Russian American and the Chechnyan provience in Russia is almost all Muslim and they are Sunni Muslim. Russia also borders 16 other countries including Iran.

I also served many years ago with army soliders from Republika Dagestan where are many Islamic population. Also remember 2004 North Osetia where many children were killed in attack on school in Beslan by Islamic terrorits. Also that Constitution of Russian Federation allows for certain limitations on personal freedoms - RF is not United States. Limitation by federal Russian law can occur only in such measure in which its necessary to goals of defending constitutional structures, morality, health and rights and legal interests of other persons, guarantee defense of ecountry and safety of the government. With such large Islam population in southern parts of RF, such film is more worry to cause violence in RF - than in USA.

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