Russia launches civil defense drills amid tensions with US


MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian Emergencies Ministry has launched a sweeping nationwide civil defense drill set to involve 40 million people.

Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov said the four-day exercise launched Wednesday will help “raise government efficiency while dealing with the consequences of large-scale emergencies.” Puchkov said his ministry can ensure “uninterrupted transport, energy supplies and communications” . . .

The nation’s Cold War-era civil protection system that included a sprawling network of shelters in every city was dismantled after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but the Emergencies Ministry has worked to restore some of its elements.

Red, Blue, and White October.


I think this story is a couple of weeks old. I was surprised it wasn’t posted then.


I guess Putin is just trying to ramp up more nationalistic support. Even with the US first strike policy, I am sure Putin knows it isn’t going to happen.


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