Russia launches massive nuclear war training exercise that 'involves 40 million people'


**The Russian government has launched a nationwide civil defence training exercise to ensure the country is properly prepared in the event of a nuclear, chemical and biological attack from the West.

Amid growing international tensions, particulary over Russia’s conduct in Syria, the Defence Ministry-run Zvezda TV network announced last week: “Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.” **

The article acontinues at the link.

I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t already to read this, one of the most vital and important documents of this or any other era.

It was published in early June of this year:


Preparing for our next President? They are not the only ones.


No harm in preparing citizens for such, as it is not the citizens who who be waging it.



Our next President will most likely either be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. From what I understand, Donald Trump likes Vladimir Putin so I doubt that he would attack Russia. As far as Hillary Clinton goes, I have no idea.


Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. What the Russians are doing is wise, and it also demostrates a level of honesty unseen here in the United States. How many mainstream news outlets have made efforts to drive home the fact that Obama and NATO have rekindled the Cold War in no uncertain terms? Here, the only people really well informed on this matter are preppers, but beyond that it just isn’t talked about in any kind of realistic, practical, truthful way.

I don’t know if you had a chance to read that second link I posted, but I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it.


Russia launches massive nuclear war training exercise that 'involves 40 million people

Its probably a big nothing


Here, the only people really well informed on this matter are preppers,

Not really. **No-one ** is properly informed, due to this country now having a security complex that would have done Stalin’s CCCP proud.

The relative handful who think that “going back to nature” equals survival may seem more informed, but ultimately, to think you can ensure living through an event that would destroy an entire country is an exercise in self-kidding.

The only proper information is access to foreign news sources (other than Internet – too easily redacted), and the only safety is a secondary or tertiary nationality (and preferably a Swiss account :))



“rekindled the cold war” … what does that mean?

Like … bombing Crimea?

[No, wait … it was Russia that did that.]

Like … building a new family of ICBM’s?

[No, wait … it was Russia that did that.]

Or … what?


This is all essentially distraction and red herrings. This is a civil defence exercise such as occur in many countries quite regularly. Even in Ireland where I come from which is a very small nation by US standards the civil defence organisations regularly hold training exercise for a variety of scenarios and you see ambulances or other vehicles operated by them wandering around. Mind you given the different mindsets of people in the two nations people take the civil defence systems less seriously in Ireland than Russia and the former is far less well supported by the state. But the over-reaction to this type of news from Russia and rush to create controversies is tiresome.


Actually I had in mind wealthier preppers who have constructed fallout shelters and elaborate bunkers, who are armed to the teeth with gazillions of rounds of ammunition, and who have stockpiled canned goods and iodine and intravenous vitamin c for radiation sickness, etcetera.


“Rekindled the Cold War” means that NATO and the United States have troops permanently massed on the Russian border, for one thing. It also means that there has never been such a high likelihood of nuclear armageddon in all of human history, including the Cuban Missle Crisis, etcetera. The United States and NATO apparently desire global thermonuclear war, and no doubt there have been and still currently are Doctor Strangelove-like think tanks lounging around in war rooms and proposing various theories of why this is a brilliant idea. “Rekindled the Cold War” is putting it mildly:

The thought that our leaders might be stupid enough to continue needling and provoking Russia isn’t even in question; that’s just a given. For them to actually be stupid enough to invade on some idiotic, manufactured pretext doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.


Many older buildings in Russia have fallout shelters under them. There is one under the apartment block my mother-in-law lives in. It is no longer maintained and pretty run down nowadays though. Switzerland at one point tried to establish a plan to have shelters available for every citizen in the event of a nuclear war as I recall. Whereas in England and Ireland (like the US) we got those great videos telling us to get under tables and stuff like that. There is a rather famous Irish TV drama bout the reality of life after a nuclear war which was never shown again in Ireland and banned in the UK as it showed the likely outcomes for most people after a major nuclear exchange. It was so disturbing the authorities went into panic mood over the production both in the Republic of Ireland and the UK.


I’ve seen signs for them here at a couple of the public libraries, but that’s about it. I have no idea how well they’ve been maintained or how big they are, or anything, really. There’s never been any kind of civil defense drill in my lifetime, so far as I know. :shrug: I think I would probably just make peace with God and prepare to die in that scenario, because I would have no idea what else to do. And people here know full well that Seattle would more than likely be reduced to a glowing, smoldering crater due to all the military bases in this area.


Must be the American stealth tanks … invisible and, being electric, totally silent. The cannons are electric as well.

Brand new.

Manufactured by Tesla. [It’s the reason why so few cars are being produced. And why Tesla has such huge subsidies. The cars are just a smokescreen. In reality they are making electric tanks for the Army.]

As they drive along, you can see the ground being pressed down, but you can’t actually see the tank itself.


That sounds like the Ghost Army of World War Two. :slight_smile: But, no, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, aka “tanks”, aren’t particularly quiet or invisible. And there are reported to be at least 250 of them amassed on the Russian border.

How many tanks and thousands of troops is Russia provoking us with on our border? :confused:


:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: Funniest thing I have read all day!


Probably right. “Involving” 40 million people is a bit vague. Did they all run to fallout shelters or the famed Moscow subway, and shiver in fear, or did 1,000 civil servants go to the subway and drink vodka while the rest of them heard their radios and tvs say “this is a test of the emergency broadcast system”.


A quick summary of Russia, as I see it (which is probably a very uninformed opinion, but that’s just me):

Vladimir Putin is nuts. He backed Ukrainian separatists with boots on the ground and supports a Syrian regime that has used chemical weapons against its own people on multiple occasions. He got to Moscow by cheating, lying and stealing, and has stayed there through means that, were he to leave office, would get him arrested (including, among other things, voter fraud and dangerous demagoguery).

Russia, on the other hand, is a wonderful country and we need to improve relations with it. So I can live with Putin’s actions to form a precedent of good relations with Russia, so once he dies, the next person in line will be someone we can work with.


Putin wants to make Russia great again. It seems to me that he mourns the loss of empire exemplified by the USSR. The former parts of the USSR, now independent, nations such as Latvia, Estonia, Poland, do not share such a vision. I think rather, that they fear a resurgent Russia.


Russia needs to get $100+ per barrel of oil because their costs are so high.

The current world price has just managed to get up to $50 … barely.

AND Trump has promised to increase production of oil and natural gas which would cause the price to drop … for us and for the world.

So what can Putin do?

The easiest thing for Putin to do is to take out the United States.

Realize that Putin just paid Hillary Clinton $145, 000,000 to take over a controlling interest in American uranium. [Look up “Uranium One”.] [Read the details in “Clinton Cash”.]

Putin must be wondering if Hillary is dependable.

Will she “stay” bribed?

She and Huma just celebrated their 20th anniversary. [It was on Drudge.]

Now that Bill Clinton has endorsed Trump [Bill said that ObamaCare is the stupidest thing he has ever seen.]

What other thing can Putin do?

He’s still trying to pay off the costs of the Moscow Subway.

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