Russia might jail public atheist


So is this government overreach??
MOSCOW — A Russian faces up to a year in prison for saying “there is no God” during an argument on social media, his lawyers said Wednesday.

Viktor Krasnov also wrote the “Bible is a collection of Jewish fairy tales” during the discussion on European social networking site in 2014, lawyer and human-rights activist Pavel Chikov posted on his Facebook page.

Krasnov, whose offending posts have been deleted, is on trial in his native city of Stavropol in southern Russia, according to the local magistrate’s website. Charges were filed in the fall of 2015 and the trial began on Monday, according to his lawyer.

Russia’s Investigative Committee — the equivalent of the FBI — charged Krasnov with “offending believers’ feelings,” which was criminalized in Russia after a notorious performance by punk band ***** Riot in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior in February 2012. Two band members were jailed in 2012 for performing an anti-Vladimir Putin song at the cathedral.


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FROM FEB. 19, 2014: ***** Riot Members Whipped by Militiamen 1:49
Anti-government news website reported Tuesday that Krasnov was forcibly subjected to a month-long psychiatric check during the investigation. He was was declared sane, according to the news website.

“I don’t know how you can treat social networking posts seriously,” cited Krasnov as saying. “Looks like we need a law to protect atheists’ feelings too.”

Krasnov and Chikov were not immediately available for comment.

Dozens of Internet users faced criminal persecution for their online activity in recent years in Russia, which was downgraded to “non-free” for the first time by Freedom House rights watchdog in its 2015 installment of the “Freedom on the Net” rating.


Psych evals are no fun, creemelo (belive it from me). Christianity should be tempered with charity, otherwise its no different with power than anyone else. How would Orthodoxy like it if the Soviet was still in power and jailed priests? Laws like this are just asking for abuse.

The man’s anti-Semitic feelings are of more import, since historically they lead to pogroms. The news story requires more consideration and investigation.


Edgy teenage me would have been executed.

I hope stuff like this will prevent conservatives in the west from praising Russia like I’ve been seeing recently.


The news story requires more consideration and investigation.

I think so also.


I only support Russia because they are anti-Maidan and pro-Assad.


What leads you to think he has anti-Semitic feelings?


Dignitatis Humanae lays out the Catholic view on religious freedom and tolerance.:thumbsup:


I like Russia for being pro-Assad as well.


Isn’t Assad the one who is currently starving his own people because they refuse to conform to his ideology? Isn’t he also the one who used chemical agents on his own people?


Assad is neither staving his people nor did he use chemical weapons.

But Ukraine supports fascist ultranationalists.


If they are upsetting public order, then yes, they should be arrest. If they are simply stating a belief, then I don’t think they should be arrested. Just because I think they are wrong does not mean I don’t think they have rights.


“Upsetting the public order” is too vague as is the American phrasing “clear and present danger”. Incitement to “imminent lawless action” is a better test.


Do you mean the people who pledge allegiance to Al Qaeda? Or the people who are allied with Islamist groups such as the Army of Conquest, Army of Mujahedeen, and the Islamic Front? Or the people who burned down churches and desecrated Christian graves? Or the people who beheaded a priest and fed his corpse to dogs?

I’ll the support the man who isn’t a shill for the overrated system of democracy, the man who protects the Christian population that the rebels attack and the media could not care less about, the man who more than likely is the best option to keep Syria stable (because let’s face it, as much as self-righteous democrats [notice the lowercase] would like to have us believe, toppling dictators is not necessarily a worthy cause; take a look at Iraq and Libya and ask yourself if things are better off there). I have more respect for Assad than I do for any American politician, that’s for sure. As far as I’m concerned, war is war, and if the rebel thugs don’t like what Assad is doing they need to surrender.


Upsetting public order.
It’s one of the reasons Jesus was arrested, yes? He was disrupting public order during what was supposed to be a peaceful time of Passover…



He expressed that the Bible is “a collection of Jewish fairy tales.” This is a troubling sentiment.


Isn’t it interesting how news is either reported or buried due to networks and reporter’s own biases?


Will Freedom House be downgrading the UK and US also due to internet users in both facing been sacked, demoted, thrown of university courses and facing similar repercussions for expressing their opinions?


During the atheist Russian period it could be dangerous to express a religious belief publicly. Sadly, it now seems to be swinging the other way.


And how is this troubling?


You don’t find the scriptures been mocked slightly worrying as a Catholic? I don’t think anyone should be imprisoned over it but its not something I find pleasing to hear either.

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