Russia more Righeous than USA?

I pose the above question concerning Russia’s valiant position against the “Radical Homosexual Agenda”

There was some talk on CNN of the USA abandoning the 2014 olympic games because of Russia’s near criminalization of homosexual activity. Apparently Putin recognizes no “Gay Rights.”

So in this aspect, is Russia and Putin more pleasing in God’s eyes than Obama and the USA?

I suppose the fact that true Christianity is a driving force in Russia nowadays does not hurt. I know they are Orthodox and not Catholic, but that is pretty darn close!:thumbsup:

I’m not sure the word righteous to describe Russia in this case. After all, standing up for what is right is the bare minimum. It’s kind of like being paid to not speed.

If thats the case then Saudi Arabia and Iran must be heaven on earth. :thumbsup:

To answer your question, first you would have to ask why Russia is so strict against homosexual “activity” …

(… if indeed it is so strict. I don’t know to what extent the news media have sensationalized or exaggerated this aspect of Russian culture, but let’s assume the story is accurate…)

If these Russian laws and/or policies are motivated by a love of God and all that is good, I say God bless them. If they are driven by fear and hatred of homosexual persons, that’s not what I would call righteous.

I don’t think that righteousness has anything to do with it. I would put Putin more or less on a par with Obama…well, maybe not because IMHO Obama is about as bad as it gets but both are well acquainted with cynicism and hypocrisy.

Putin is a politician and every political leader needs popular support at home. Repercussions from abroad to his Homosexual law will be easily countered by publishing pictures from the US of men in tutus and gay satanists or whatever desecrating a grave (in most countries outside the US desecration of a grave is seen as the lowest of the low irrespective of who’s buried there). He will use those images just as he used the incident of a Syrian rebel eating the heart of a soldier to counter criticism of supplying arms to Assad. People everywhere like to protect their children and the US is a perfect example of how the Gay lobby has wormed its way into almost every aspect of society and the gay agenda is being imposed even in junior schools. The recently “married” gay couple in England who run a surrogacy business and are about to sue the Anglican Church should go down a treat in Russia.

He also wants to raise Russia’s image in emerging markets. “Protecting family values” Russia will look a lot better in Africa and Asia than the “Satanic” USA. Putin is playing a blinder as Obama increasingly looks like an emperor with no clothes.

From a Catholic viewpoint, his law appears to be more protective of children than what is happening in North America and parts of Europe, so I suppose Russia is more righteous but not because Putin is righteous.

Russia is definitely making a lot of changes in the right direction. I believe that the Blessed Mother has a lot to do with these changes. Let us continue to pray for Russia, as our Lady requested at Fatima.

No offense OP. I was wondering if you expected the Catholics on this forum to agree that Putin and Russia are more righteous than Obama and America.

Maybe they are all politicians and coloured by the same brush - looking for votes among their constituents.

If homosexuals outnumbered everyone else in Russia Putin would be singing rainbow songs and wearing a frock.

If strong Catholics outnumbered everyone else in the USA Obama would be seen in public wearing a scapular while reciting the rosary.

They are politicians - which mean they belong to the oldest profession of all.

Allegedly, it is the role of the State to uphold public morality. But it is not the State’s role and it’s no one’s role to inculcate hate.

The Soviet Union cultivated hatred of homosexuals in the name of communism. Now, with those roots, Russia continues to cultivate that hatred in the name of Christianity.

But, while some policies may be advisable, what is not good, and what is certainly NOT the work of Our Lady is some of the hatred we see in Russia today, where homosexuals (proven or merely suspected) have been abducted and tortured due to their homosexuality (real or imagined!)

For example, one recent story from Russia: two men lured a young boy to their home with promise of gay sex on a social media website. They then tortured him, covered him in human urine, made him hold a dildo and pose for humiliating pictures.

There is another video, again from Russia, of many men (more than 5) abducting a boy they believe to be gay and they can be seen smiling, laughing and yelling anti-gay slurs at him while strangling him.

These are not isolated incidents. This is a pattern of hatred, that has been developed from the seeds of communism, by the current Russian government and by Christian sects in the name of God. It is sick and it is not of Our Lady, it is of the Devil.

I would post links but this content is very disgusting and graphic. If you really need to verify, do a google search, the stuff is out there and it’s scary.

So I would caution everyone here. Speak the truth but do so with care. It is no more Christian to encourage hatred and violence against these people than it is to say “there’s nothing wrong” with homosexual acts.


VERITAS; I do not know what country you live in but none of the crimes you have mentioned are new. In the United States crimes this bad or worse happen even in this day and age. AND in the U.S. it has become almost mandatory to say gay is okay. There have been many good changes in Russia, do bad things still happen, of course, I never said it has become heaven on earth.

I was wondering what is Putin’s stance on abortion??? Or the prominent churches in Russia.

I live in the U.S.

but none of the crimes you have mentioned are new.

You mean these types of crimes in general, or specifically the violent abduction of homosexuals with the intention of torturing, humiliating and violating them? Both the former and the latter occur in countries all over the world quite frequently, I’m sure. For example, in South Africa, it is common enough that someone rapes a homosexual in order to “cure” them. Russia is certainly a dangerous place for homosexuals, though.

In the United States crimes this bad or worse happen even in this day and age. AND in the U.S. it has become almost mandatory to say gay is okay. There have been many good changes in Russia, do bad things still happen, of course, I never said it has become heaven on earth.

I am concerned that people see this as a black and white issue: “homosexual acts are sinful, ergo, anything Russia does about it is de facto justified.” Yet the mere state of being “anti-homosexual” does not tell me anything about whether an act is good or not. This hatred is an evil, this hatred that leads to these beatings and such… it is as much an evil as the homosexual act.

Indeed. With more children being killed by abortion in Russia than there are children being born, I would have thought that that would bee the priority for a ‘righteous man’. Surely the social acceptability of routine abortion in Russia would be priority to tackle and change?

Russia however views abortion simply as a tool of ‘population control’. Comments from Putin have not suggested that he takes a different view.

Putin’s an old-fashioned Stalinist, who is playing to the gallery.

It’s really pointless asking people who are for the most part, American; as to whether Russia is more righteous than the USA. The truth is, you will have a lot of biased views.

I will gladly say Russia is more righteous based on the facts rather than the emotional views of individuals who have no more connection to Russia, than an American bottle of vodka.

Does Russia have its problems, sure; but it certainly isn’t trying to diminish and destroy the Church like America is.

Truth is, Russia is what America used to be; and America is what Russia used to be.

I agree with your opinion of Putin but, in fairness, could he be any worse than Obama where abortion is concerned?

I’m not American.

“Russia” is 30 years old. Previously it was a Soviet Stalinist state. Prior to that it was an absolute monarchy/peasant society.

Right now Russia could easily revert to one or the other.

Last time I looked America is not a soviet socialist state bent on world domination.

It may not be soviet, but it certainly cannot be denied it is socialist. As for world domination, I think the US having a military bases around the world and American culture influencing other national cultures speaks for itself.

He is worse, a lot worse. There are more children killed in abortions in Russia than are born. That is a fact. The abortion rate in the USA is nothing remotely close to that.

It does however routinely destroy children by aborting more children than it allows to be born.

When did the USA ever have an abortion rate that was greater than its birth rate?

Hailing a nation that routinely slaughters children on an industrial scale as being righteous and moral really is twisted logic.

America is not socialist either.

I’ve lived under an avowedly socialist government in Britain - Labour in the 60’s and 70’s. I know what socialism looks like.

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