Russia: One of 10 worst economies in 2015


Russia: One of 10 worst economies in 2015

Official data published Monday confirmed that its economy shrank by 3.7% in 2015, putting it deep into recession and making it one of the world’s 10 worst performing emerging markets for the year.

Russia has been slammed by the collapse in oil prices since the middle of 2014, and by Western sanctions imposed the same year because of its support for separatist forces in Ukraine.

Russian official: Some things matter more than money

Its currency has collapsed to a record low against the U.S. dollar, driving up inflation and impoverishing millions.

President Vladimir Putin and his government have been forced to make deep cuts to public spending as oil and gas revenues have plunged.

One of only two European nations on the list, the other being Ukraine.


Thanx for the thread, Russia needs our


slowly slowly people start to complain on Putin’s government.
many are beginning to resent the advisability of taking Crimea
those who borrowed money from banks come into a rage because of the collapse of the currency.
truckers are angry because of extortions.
Many businesses are closed
and the most interesting that this is only the beginning.


Bit long for a Haiku.


Commodity-based economies always suffer a lot when commodity prices collapse. Russia’s economy, as I understand it, is mostly based on the extraction and export of raw commodities like oil, gas, minerals, timber.

If one doubted that, all one has to do is go into Walmart or Lowe’s. Lots and lots and lots of products made in China, South Korea, Taiwan and increasingly from places like Bangladesh. The more upscale one goes in one’s choice of retailers and product sophistication, the more one sees things from Japan, Germany or the U.S. But who ever saw so much as a fencing plier with “Made in Russia” stamped on it, let alone a lawn mower or a skid steerer?


This truck driver from Northern Caucasus on behalf of the Caucasian truckers says that the Putin’s government does not hear them, does not care about them.
He says - ‘‘we are defenseless’’
Young people are the victims of military companies in different hot spots like Caucasus.Ukraine,Syria, just because Putin’s regime does not create the right conditions for their living in their homeland.
He says that in the history of our people, we did a lot for the country and we have no gratitude from the government, but only the indifference of the Kremlin authorities to our problems.


The vast majority of people here won’t have a clue what that truck driver is going on about.


This sounds about right.

The infrastructure could really be having problems holding up; this of course, happens in virtually every country though.


Looking at his face you could understand without translation even though I translated the main points.
Well, I turned left to translate only the ending of the speech trucker. He ended his speach by the words- we’ll all go to Moscow and we shall kick out those useless slackers out of their cabinets. They are the root of all our problems.

Here another interview with the translation for the English audience.:knight2:
Protesting Russian truck drivers block roads in to Moscow

The truck driver sends a very important message - ‘‘those thieves who have billions want more and more money from us’’…
That’s right folks!
Throw in the neck incompetent parasites!
Long Live Democracy!


Ah yes, obviously the Russian equivalent of white van man. I am sure given time he would have moved on to tell us about naughty foreigners and other nuggets of wisdom.


One can see his views; the infrastructure is aging now, sadly, there was a fire in a psychiatric unit that saw many perish, that in the last 4 months.


in the North Caucasus are very patient people.
if even they have got enough of those government humiliation you can imagine that people really boiling.


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