Russia prepares militarization of Arctic


MOSCOW, Oct. 21 (UPI) – Russia has begun a large-scale militarization of the Arctic Ocean region, with a military command structure planned by 2017.
It comes after recent discoveries of oil and natural gas reserves under the ocean floor, and the possibility a potential Northern Sea Route – an alternative to the Suez Canal – could soon be established as global climate change causes melting of Arctic ice.

Former Soviet bases are being reactivated, a 6,000-soldier permanent military force will be established in the northwest Russia’s Murmansk region, and radar and guidance systems are planned in the area, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.




More than likely.


So Russia is establishing a military base in it’s own country… oh the horror.


Yes. America can have military bases all over the world but Russia are called evil if they have troops or bases in their own country.



Hmm, I sense a double standard.


Except, of course that they sometimes include other countries into the concept of “their own country”.

But that’s not the point of the OP anyway, as I take it. Russia is militarizing in its far north in pursuit of a plan to utilize arctic resources. Whether or not there will be a dispute over those is uncertain because (as I understand it) other countries also claim some rights to things like arctic oil.

Russian militarization that has no obvious purpose otherwise, seems to suggest a “strong arm” method of ensuring the Russian version of what its rights are. I think that’s the purpose of the OP, not a complaint against Russian militarization of its own territory per se.

However, one might have some concern about it since Russia has recently seized parts of three other countries. Or at least some nation like Canada might. Obama doesn’t even want development of resources in the continental U.S., so it’s unlikely he would care anything about any in the arctic either.


Oh dear me those naughty Russians hey. By the way how many countries has the US seized parts of. The American high horse is awfully greasy and awfully easy to fall off.


The Arctic is part of Russia? :confused:


I hardly think you’re unbiased when it comes to Russia.


:thumbsup: :tiphat:


Is Ukraine evil? No, did Ukraine have a program building nuclear weapons? No but somehow some people would conveniently confuse the two with Iraq who the UN was after for years, who had a nuclear installation already bombed by Israel.


Murmansk is which is where the purported force was to be based. Leaving that aside the Russian Federation does include part of the artic.


I don’t think you are particularly knowledgeable concerning it as the rather egregious mistake concerning it’s geography suggested. Par for the course in this forum though.


So which part are they militarizing?


Any part they wish - it’s their nation and not yours or mine.


You said the Russian Federation owns part of the land in the artic. So are they militarizing the part they own?


Nonsense. When has the U.S. last annexed territory claimed by others? Answer: 1848, and virtually all of it was trackless wilderness, claimed by more than one party and most of which was nothing but imperialist powers’ lines drawn on a map of territory they had never seen and certainly never settled.

When did Russia last annex the territory of a soverign nation, very much populated? 2013 ongoing to the present.

It’s just silly to compare the two. America-hating might be popular among leftists in Europe who sit comfortably under American protection so they don’t have to actually live under the despotic regimes they admire so much. But when one has to go to preposterous lengths to justify it, it rings hollow.


Apparently. But that’s not the question but a diversion. The question is why they’re doing it. Hitler had every right to line the German army up on the Polish border too. The real question was what he was going to do with it and why.

In a world situation in which only nations like Canada seem willing to defend themselves or anyone else, it could be viewed as worrisome because the last time the Russians lined up large military forces on its borders, it conquered Crimea and eastern Ukraine, annexing the first and likely will annex the second.

Russia is an aggressor state, and people are right to be concerned when it does military buildups. It is my impression that there are overlapping claims on the part of some of the nations bordering the arctic. It would be typical of Russia to build up militarily in the area in order to intimidate other nations like Norway from pressing their claims.

More concerning still is that Murmansk is right next to Finland. Russia seized part of Finland back during the Soviet era and once ruled the whole thing under the Tsars. As the new Tsar of the new Russian Empire, Putin might have designs on Finland itself. If I were a Finn, I would certainly be concerned.


In lieu of the Ukrainian border?

:pshaw: - Nah. Prob’ly in addition to …

It’s a military contingency plan inspired by the old Santa Claus vs. the Martians movie that some Russians have mistaken for a US military documentary. :shrug:

Nevertheless this is going to kill Point Barrow’s tourist season.:snowing: Though ironically there will be more to see. :takeoff::winter::takeoff::onpatrol:

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