Russia promises retribution over any new US sanctions on Moscow

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister says it will introduce ‘series of measures’ if US tightens restrictions following controversial bombing of Aleppo

What are Obama and Kerry up to now?! :eek:

A Russian minister blows smoke out his backside and your first question is what is our president doing? :confused:

Any part of the globe they meddle in has bad consequences!

And yet they’re not really meddling anywhere that doesn’t need to be meddled in, in this case. Or is Russia bullying Ukraine and supporting a mass murderer in Syria ok in your book?

They shouldn’t be meddling anywhere because they don’t know what they are doing!

Frankly, I wish they’d done a little more meddling and a little less coalition building. Or rather, built the coalitions faster and stronger with a little more persuasion. Like, ‘you are either with us or you’re on your own.’ And if the bad guys went after our allies, of course we’d bail them out but could let them sweat it out a little bit first, just so they’d be reminded that they need us.

Clearly, Hillary Clinton did not know what she was doing in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and in negotiations with Iran.

But if she did know, then that’s scarier still.

Does Putin know what he’s doing? Well, he has been pretty successful so far. But he has been very careful. In Syria for example, he waited until he was absolutely sure the U.S. would not take over the air over those portions of Syria in which the Russian AF operates. He did not invade eastern Ukraine until he saw the non-reaction of Washington to his seizure of Crimea. So perhaps he knows what he’s doing.

The difference between Clinton and Putin is that Putin’s adventures have been successful for Russia while Hillary’s have all been disasters for the U.S.

:thumbsup: exactly!

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