Russia: Putin Opponent Is Attacked After Veiled Threat


Russia: Putin Opponent Is Attacked After Veiled Threat

Mikhail M. Kasyanov, a leading figure in the political opposition whose image the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan A. Kadyrov, menacingly posted online in the cross hairs of a sniper rifle this month, was attacked late Tuesday in Moscow by a dozen or so men who placed a cake on his head at a restaurant. Mr. Kasyanov told the Interfax news agency that men “of a non-Slavic nationality,” a common euphemism here for Chechens, set upon him in a Moscow restaurant, yelled death threats, smeared the cake on his head and then left. Mr. Kasyanov served as prime minister during President Vladimir V. Putin’s first term before joining the opposition.


Was it a pound cake? :cake: Or maybe Devil’s food? :wink:

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