RUSSIA - Putin proposes "immunity" for sacred texts: they cannot be judged extremist [AN]

The Kremlin forced to intervene after the protests of the Muslim community for the Russian court verdict that ruled some verses of Koran extremists, banning them. Approval of Orthodox, Muslims and Buddhists, while for Jews it is an “insufficient” initiative.


I highly doubt that Catholics will get a mention in this. After all, we’re not one of the recognized “Russian” religions :rolleyes:

“Immunity” for sacred texts - obviously including the Hebrew and Christian scriptures - seems like a great idea based on the creeping redefinition of “hate speech” and reported legal prosecution of preachers. But this clearly needs to be applied evenly. Interesting that this came from Mr. Putin and not from the West, usually regarded as the bastion of freedom.

What a pity that Catholics within Russia are unable to enjoy such “freedom”.

Another quote from the article:

The State Duma, the lower branch of the Russian parliament, has already declared that it will support the President’s proposal. “The Bible, the Koran, the Tanakh and the Kanjur, their content and quotes can not be considered extremist material”, says the norm made public by the Kremlin.

In Russia a 1990’s provision states that Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism are “an inalienable part of the historical heritage” of the country.

So it sounds like any religion which promotes these religious texts will be approved.
It really does seem like atheism is a thing of the past in Russia.

Here’s a link to another interesting article regarding the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It seems rather controversial as to whether any Pope has ever really consecrated Russia,
but this article says: "On August 29, 1989 Sr. Lucia affirms in correspondence that the consecration of Russia “has been accomplished” and that “God will keep His word.”
… So it seems that something has happened, and the Spirit of God has been moving across this nation.

So long as it remains politically expedient for Putin to ally himself with religious folks, anyway. Call me paranoid, but I don’t trust former KGB agents. He means to confuse the West, and he’s doing a bang-up job at it.

Spot on, or as John McCain once said:

McCain Sees Something Else in Putin’s Eyes

As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to consolidate power at home and frustrate U.S. policies abroad, Republicans are suggesting President Bush must have had smoke in his eyes six years ago when he famously peered into “Vlad’s” at their first meeting and got “a sense of his soul,” of a man “very straightforward and trustworthy.”

Arizona Sen. John McCain, without naming the president he hopes to succeed, told the Republican Jewish Coalition Tuesday that he saw something else entirely when he met the Russian leader: “I looked into Mr. Putin’s eyes and I saw three things — a K and a G and a B.”

How right he was in hindsight!

And he uttered these immortal words a year before the invasion of Georgia in 2008. Sadly few saw the signs back then of what lay ahead. Obama - worse even than Bush, who considered Putin a “chum” - came to power with a toy-dummy “reset button” for US-Russia relations. Cringe. :rolleyes:

But our texts are roughly the same as the Orthodox, so should get covered by default.

I think I am one of the few Catholics here to have actually lived in Russia and worshiped there and no-one bothered me in the slightest and inf fact the city I was in had armed guards from the police for both the Orthodox and Catholic Churches at one point due to terrorist threats to attack them. The police on duty at the Catholic Church were universally respectful to parishioners and helped old people in and out doors and when one of the younger policemen started talking down his radio in the Church he got a glare from his superior and ripped apart outside for not showing respect in a holy place. Yes Catholics are viewed at times with suspicion and seen as the ‘other’ in parts of the Federation. However considering some of the attitudes I have seen on display regarding the Orthodox today in this forum alone we might want to ask ourselves about whether the traffic in terms of prejudice is justifiable from our side either. There is also quite a lot of ignorance about Catholicism in Russia, some of it can actually be quite funny if you have a broad sense of humour. Especially things like arguments about different days for celebrating Christmas which has come up several times in real world conversations. One old lady kept insisting that this meant Catholics worshiped a different Christ but were probably trying to serve God the best way they knew how in their errors. Given her advanced age and the fact she wasn’t a highly educated woman it wasn’t worth winding her up by explaining the whole history behind the differing calendars in use or the dates Christmas is celebated in various Christian traditions. In any case I have seen some pretty similar mistakes about non Catholics made by some of my own older family members out of ignorance with no malice intended.

The State Duma, the lower branch of the Russian parliament, has already declared that it will support the President’s proposal. “The Bible, the Koran, the Tanakh and the Kanjur, their content and quotes can not be considered extremist material”, says the norm made public by the Kremlin.

I wonder if this is an exhaustive list. Would this mean, for example, that while the Tanakh and Qur’an are protected the Talmud and Hadith are not? What about liturgical texts?


McCain, the warmonger, doesn’t like somebody. What a shock. Why anybody should care what that madman has to say is beyond me.

Just so I’m understanding you clearly, Cav… are you calling Putin the madman or McCain? There’s quite a bit of difference between the two.

Putin’s no madman. If he’s as opportunistic, calculating, etc. as everybody paints him out to be then he’s in fact quite the opposite. But McCain without fail goes out of his way to find fictitious enemies for America, and then advocates for wars which would not likely be of any benefit to our nation. Our older generation of war heroes at least understood the enormous human toll exacted by warfare, whereas McCain seems totally oblivious. Perhaps the Vietnamese knocked a few of his screws loose.

Very well said. :thumbsup:

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