Russia’s Director of Military Intelligence Dies Unexpectedly

**Russia’s Director of Military Intelligence Dies Unexpectedly **

MOSCOW—The director of Russia’s military intelligence agency has died unexpectedly, according to a short statement released Monday on the Kremlin website, which didn’t specify the cause of his death.

Col. Gen. Igor Sergun had run the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia’s General Staff, known as the GRU, since late 2011. He was 58 years old.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in a statement released to the Interfax news agency, said Col. Gen. Sergun died suddenly on Sunday. Mr. Shoigu’s statement offered no additional details.

The military intelligence chief joined the Soviet military in 1973 and became director of the secretive GRU and deputy chief of Russia’s general staff in 2011, according to his official biography on the Russian Defense Ministry website. He served in military intelligence since 1984, according to the biography.

Rest in peace. An unexpected tragedy.

Unexpected death is sad - hopefully staying prepared enough to avoid eternal punishment finds a soul asking for forgiveness with a sincere heart. Hope that was the case for this man. May he rest in peace.

An unexpected death of a highly placed military intelligence director is the subject of many questions and speculation. I think we will hear more.

Memory eternal. He served his country as have those members of my family who served in the Red Army, the forces of the Russian Federation and British, Irish and other armies. A sad and early death and my sympathies to his family.

Interesting, after a founder of RT, Mikhail Leslin was found dead in a DC hotel room in November.

His $50 million yacht found stranded in Australia recently.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Mikhail Lesin, a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin who helped found the English-language news service Russia Today, was found dead in an upscale Washington hotel room, police and Russian authorities said. He was 57.

The Russian Embassy in Washington on Friday confirmed the death of Lesin, whose body was discovered Thursday.

Russia Today reported on its website that Lesin died of a heart attack, and the state news agency RIA-Novosti cited a family member giving the same cause of death.

Praying for the repose of his soul & for his family.

may he rest in peace.

Can he be buried normally, or does he require a lead-lined coffin?

Suspicious deaths among high-ranking Russian military involved in Crimea, Ukraine

General Igor Sergun, who as the head of the Russian military intelligence agency known as the GRU was under Western sanctions for actions in Ukraine, has died unexpectedly.

His death was announced by the Kremlin on January 4. No explanation was given, but Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to Sergun’s relatives over his “sudden death.”

Sergun, who had headed the GRU since 2011 and was also a deputy head of the Russian military General Staff, was 58 years old.

A week ago the general who led the invasion of Crimea, General Alexander Shushukin, also died unexpectedly, officially of a heart attack. Shushukin commanded the military operation of the Russian Federation during the annexation of Crimea in 2014, but before that he had been in charge of operations in South Ossetia.

So who is this article inferring carried out the ‘suspicious’ deaths?

Ukraine, ISIS friendly countries and/or terrorist organisations, or a Western country’s SS agency? :confused:

Who would have carried out the deaths - how did they do it and why? :shrug:

I’d certainly add Russia, missing from your list.

Sure, there’s nothing suspicious about any of this, the general of the Crimea invasion dies last week, the head of military intelligence dies this week. A founder of RT dying in November.

By the way, Russia and Syria allowed ISIS fighters to be evacuated if one is saying “ISIS friendly countries”, they can think about their statements.

Who would have done it? Who would have had access? Sounds like an espionage novel, Gorky Park and so on. Shades of Litvenenko and so on.

Why would Russia kill off its’ military elite:confused: - it makes absolutely zero sense…and ‘if it doesn’t make sense, then it’s not true.’

The RT founder died in Washington DC - so is the CIA being suggested? :shrug:

Litvenenko died in London, are we to think intelligence there did it?? :wink:

As said, there have been many killings, of journalists and others during this regime’s time in office, called a Kleptocracy by some, it is a legitimate question.

Marco Rubio on world leaders: Vladimir Putin a ‘gangster,’ Kim Jong Un a 'lunatic’

There is no reason to trust this regime. Most likely, hit man have even gone into Turkey to go after Chechen exiles, it be from Moscow or Kadyrov’s rule.[tt_news]=44573&tx_ttnews[backPid]=381#.VowIHE-KZVK

It is bemusing that even examples of the Kremlin’s propaganda being in conflict with itself is evident in case, we just go to a line of defense about what the State-media says;

That’s the entire point no-one knows, who did it.

There are numerous theories and no culprits.

MI6 is one theory, or another suggests, with accompanying verbal evidence, that Litvinenko was carrying the nuclear element himself to sell, for nuclear weapons and was poisoned. :shrug:

The usual swings and roundabouts…

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