Russia Should Free Oleg Sentsov Before FIFA World Cup


Pressure Mounts to Release Political Prisoners Before Sporting Extravaganza


Appeals like this will never change Putin’s behavior. He laughs at them.



Rally in support of Sentsov held in New York.


A rally in support of Oleg Sentsov in New York




Volodymyr Balukh and Oleksandr Shumkov also joined the Ukrainian political prisoners who are on the hunger strike in Russian prisons.



The bitter truth of reality in Putin’s Russia


Aptly said, by Marko Farion- “Russia invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea, killed over 10,000 people. 1,5 million people lost their homes.
But the world is going to enjoy watching soccer. Money and entertainment are way more important than human lives, justice and uderstanding what is good and what is evil.”




European Parliament urges Russia to release Sentsov, other Ukrainian political prisoners




‘Together and to the end’, Sentsov wrote in his letter announcing his hunger strike. The end could come any day, in the middle of a World Cup match watched by millions of people. Standing together in solidarity is the only weapon against political terror. It is a depressing diagnosis for our world, almost thirty years after the fall of what was supposedly the last ‘evil empire’.
There is little hope for the release of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia during the World Cup. However, Oleg Sentsov’s hunger strike will not have been in vain if it causes people to question the platitude that ‘sport is above politics’.



Poster on display at the print shop today.

Print Plus Sign in Toronto


Starving Sentsov received 20 years of Siberian hard labor prison for the arson of the doors, sometines for the murder you can get 7 years in prison, but Sentsov got a sentence you don’t even know if he set fire or someone else did it. This political prisoner can die of hunger strikes at any time.
And all this happens during a spectacle called the world Cup in Russia.

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