Russia successfully tested a missile that could cripple US satellites


[quote=Engadget]According to Pentagon officials, Russia has successfully completed tests of an anti-satellite missile that could be capable of crippling the US military communications and navigation network. The test, which went off on December 16th, was actually the third successful launch of the PL-19 Nudol missile, and according to a new report from Business Insider, those same top-ranking Pentagon officials believe that the US’s reliance on satellite networks – and our lack of similar anti-satellite weapons – makes the United States essentially an easy target in space…


I have no reason to believe this story, It is common propaganda to convince a potential enemy that you are lacking in some capability.


See The Art of War by Sun Tzu, published circa 5 B.C.


It may not be true but it would explain a lot of things.


That means they are still about 30 years behind us…


There is inertial guidance. It would prevent precision targeting and attacks at odd angles, but the CEP for inertial guidance is fairly low enough.Inertial navigation can cause a problem if you don’'t know where you launch from.

Comparing images from a database or using TERCOM doesn’t require inertial navigation too.


It’s impossible to tell whether this is US war propaganda, Russian war propaganda, or whether it’s true. It reminds me of an article from a few days ago:

What Obama Said to Putin on the Red Phone About the Election Hack

So we have President Obama threatening to nuke or invade Russia over the telephone, and then we have an article apparently aimed at bolestering support for an increased military budget, and just generally aimed at increasing American’s fearfulness.


Exactly. To me, citing unnamed officials means that the only thing I know for sure from a news story is that some official wants someone to think that thing is true.

We in America love to claim that we have a free press while Russia feeds the news to their media, but it seems to be that our government accomplishes the exact same thing by feeding the same info out through unnamed sources, which American media eat up.

Also, the original source of this story (Washington Free Beacon) looks quite ideologically driven to me.

Adding it all together, I’m not sure I actually know anything after reading it.


A few years ago it was thought China most likely tested an anti-satellite weapon.

If accurate, I wouldn’t be shocked.

The (veto-proof) 2017 Defense Authorization Bill passed a few weeks ago and had a lot packed in there. Some allowed for US to develop space-based defense systems.


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