Russia suicide attack: Suspected female bomber kills at least 14 at train station (pre-Olympics)


MOSCOW - At least 14 people were killed in a terror attack by a suspected female suicide bomber at a railway station in Russia Sunday, officials said - the second deadly attack in three days as the country prepares to host the Winter Olympics.

The National Anti-Terrorist Committee said the explosion, at the central railway station in the city of Volgograd, was an act of terror and that a criminal investigation has been launched.

Video footage shown showed a massive orange fireball filling the grand hall, sending smoke billowing out through shattered windows.

Another pre-Olympics bombing


My wife has been following this on Russian media, the reports there give a somewhat higher total of around 18 killed. This attacks come after another attack in a different city on Friday where 3 people were killed.


What is the reason for the attacks?


It is an ongoing situation surrounding the events in Checyna, attacks like this by suicide bombers have sadly become all to common. There was an attack on a bus which killed six a couple of months back in the same city. These attacks are often carried out by female suicided bombers who are known as ‘black widows’ in Russia.


I believe those are women who lost a husband or brother in the Chechen conflict.

I admit I haven’t been following events in Russia very closely, but these attacks don’t seem to be tied to the Sochi Olympics. Volgograd is more than 400 miles away, and visitors are likely to fly directly to Sochi, after a connection in Moscow.

I have no doubt that security at Sochi is very high, and will remain so. That is why other cities are being targeted.


There’s never a ‘reason.’ And it’s only suicide if all you kill is yourself. Call it what it is: homicide.


Bear in mind these type of people detonated a major bomb at an airport in Moscow a few years ago that killed over 30 people.


Saudi Prince Bandar made veiled threats about attacking Russia back in August


Supposedly, Prince Bandar told President Putin: “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”

I can’t believe that any government would tell another country that it controls terrorist groups operating in that country, and then offer a deal. Basically, if the news article is to be believed, Saudi Arabia admitted to running a criminal enterprise and like any mafia, was then extorting the victim. In this case, the intended victim is a major world power.

I am highly skeptical of such a claim, which is based on an alleged leaked transcript of a secret meeting between Bandar and Putin. The UK newspaper hasn’t even seen this supposed document, but is relying on a third-hand account.


What’s so hard to believe about the Saudis being involved in international terrorism ?


I think it is possible. I imagine many governments with regional, or global, ambitions, dabble in the dark arts.

What I don’t believe is that any government would openly admit to it.


I would think the “hard to believe” part would be SA so openly trying to blackmail Russia. Russia isn’t one of those countries you try to blackmail.


Here we go, here’s what I was waiting for. Brief and to the point. :thumbsup:–spt.html

Putin said on Tuesday that Russia would “fiercely and consistently continue the fight against terrorists until their complete annihilation”


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