Russia Tells Iraq It's 'Ready' to Support Fight


Russia said Friday that it would help to support Iraq in the fight against ISIS. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the pledge to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in New York, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said via state-run news agency Itar-Tass. “During the meeting, Lavrov confirmed Russia’s support for Iraq’s independence, territory integrity and sovereignty,” the foreign ministry said. “Moscow is ready to continue supporting Iraq in its efforts in fighting the terrorist threat, and, first of all, the one from the Islamic State.”

Russia supported the latest UN Security Council resolution on the fight against terrorism. CNN reported live early AM Fri that Russia will participate in the air strikes in “Iraq”.


I’m not sure what to think about this.


It is to Russia’s advantage to support Assad and Iran. Not a whole lot more to know about it.


I guess. I just want justice. These extremists need to be stopped ASAP. War is permitted if the reason is for defence.


Me too, I just think its interesting that Putin is coming into reconciliation of the UN and the conflict in Iraq at least with a promise. His position is clear all the way around. Here’s the point, we, the US are hypocrites and have been under Obama due to executive order and 9-11 and his flip flopping state of mind. We invade other countries and tell others they can’t. Same with nuclear warheads and Iran. Seems to me the nuclear warfare is really the priority.

Which this became relevant also…


Well look who’s stepping in to fill the power vacuum when we vacated the region! :rolleyes:

On the other hand, it’s more their backyard then ours… :shrug:

It’ll all end in blood and suffering and the death of innocents.


Hey, they were our allies in WWII, remember? :rolleyes:


You mean the Great Patriotic War, ,as that period is known in Russia.


I thought that was the one against Napoleon. :wink:


Maybe growing up in the 60’s affected me more than I realized (red scare), but can an accident involving Russian and US planes be far off?


That’s the Patriotic War of 1812, no war in Russian history (except possibly their Civil War period) approaches the horrors of the Great Patriotic War.

As to Russians only doing things in Syria or Iraq for ‘their own interests’ please don’t try and sell us the notion that the US and other states are riding in as white knights from the court of Camelot. Anything attempting to do should pull my other leg as it will play a whole symphony for them in that scenario.


And now the UK.

*Bombing against Isis to start in hours as MPs back new Iraq war
Conflict meets little Commons resistance, as prime minister David Cameron claims ‘this will not be shock and awe’

Britain has embarked on a renewed war in the Middle East, starting with air strikes in the next 48 hours, after MPs overwhelmingly sanctioned a UK air assault against Islamic State targets in Iraq.

Cabinet ministers also told the Commons that Isis will ultimately only be crushed if the terrorist group is pursued to its bases inside Syria, signalling an eventual widening of the conflict that is expected to last several years.

Downing Street said six Tornado jets would be in the skies over Iraq very shortly, adding the Commons has sanctioned the sending of UK military advisers to Iraq to train the country’s army and act as target setters for the RAF.*


I actually think it is legitimately in pretty much everyone’s interest to decimate ISIS.


Just curious - is this just a basic news update or do you think this is a bad thing?


Not good or bad - just expected, even though Cameron, a few days ago, said the UK would not be involved. At least, for the time being, they are not going to hit ‘ISIS’ in Syria, only in Iraq who requested assistance.

Personally, I don’t see how airstrikes can take out a ‘group’ of terrorists. I’m sure they’re all not sitting still, under one roof somewhere, waiting to be hit.


Yea Cameron was speaking for a few hours yesterday.


Iran is threatening to attack deep inside Iraq if Isis comes near there borders


Oh, ok. I agree on the limited value of airstrikes. People are just reluctant to admit to themselves what is happening here and where this will lead. (understandable in some ways) France has been doing airstrikes in Iraq for awhile; they have not ruled out Syria. Last I heard Britain had polls where only 18% of people ruled out ground forces. My sense is that public opinion everywhere is ahead of the politicians. (That is why I was curious if you opposed this effort.) A lot of this sentiment is just anger at beheadings, but I think the alternative of not doing anything against an organization like ISIS is untenable by anyone’s standards. I personally am not “happy” about this or convinced it will go smoothly. But I completely support it.


‘If’ ISIS is the animal the MSM portrays it to be, i.e. some members are medical /university students from Western countries, e.g. the UK - with a British man nicknamed ‘Jahadi John’ allegedly carrying out the recent beheadings - then bombing Iraq/Syria is not going to get them all, as they would seem to be scattered about.

I can only assume there are pockets of ISIS terrorists, in clearly identified regions invading villages, fighting, etc., in Iraq and Syria that can be viewed and hence stopped by air strikes and I can see the sense in reducing 's ISIS’s numbers as much as possible if that is the case - assuming they can be clearly singled out without hitting numerous civilians, as is the case in Palestine. I cannot see all ISIS members being eradicated though, as it’s members seem to be very spread out.


No, I agree that thinking that bombing is going to get Jihadi John is a little naïve. ISIS is just another form of Al Qaeda - cells spread out everywhere. They have rather stupidly gathered though in the tens of thousands in Iraq and Syria (they have oil fields, right, American tanks, etc.) I am ok with taking out all of that - but, yes, just like a fly swatter. You miss the fly/flies - they just go everywhere, usually where you can’t go with the fly swatter. Still if we get a few and stop terrorist acts I am ok with it. And we need to step up defenses at home. I wonder, collectively speaking, if we get the concept of war, i.e., people hate us…if your neighbor was a psychotic killer trying to climb in your bathroom window, what would you do? Bop him on the head, no?

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