RUSSIA - The victims of Stalinist terror remembered In Moscow's Lubyanka Square [AN]


Memorial organised today’s ‘Return of the names’, 12-hour reading of the names of those executed in the 1930s for political reasons. Almost half of Russians now believe that they too will expression the same repression in their lifetime.



Well they should remember this. And the half who believe Russia will undergo a similar repression in the future are probably right.


Russia is being vilified in Western propaganda for the sole reason of the law against homosexual propaganda and public indecency. Just before that Russia was getting praise from the Western media. While just about all of the Western countries have apostatized from Christendom and been moving further and further away from their Christian identity and heritage, Russia, while not perfect, has at least turned away from her communist past and has taken a step toward the direction of her Christian heritage. Our Lady of Fatima said that Russia would be consecrated to her immaculate heart. I believe that’s what’s happening and why all of the Western countries whose governments have officially rejected Christ are now suddenly furious with Russia.



Thanks for telling us, 2 million Muslims live in Moscow alone, areas of Russia like Chechnya and Dagestan are heavily Muslim, many people believe Russia to be instrumental in the attack of a country with many Christians in Ukraine, Russia annexed Crimea through a vote where the ballot did not even have a selection to stay with Ukraine, Russia has received heavy sanctions from at least the US if not the UN, I don’t know. It seems well possible Russian rebels shot down a plane of innocent civilians.

But the sole reason Russia gets negative press is because they have acted against same-sex marriage and homosexual propoganda. :thumbsup:

Worth pondering, I think it’s exaggerated but may have some merits to consider:


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