Russia threatens response if Finland joins NATO


One of Russia’s long-held grudges with the West has been the expansion of NATO into former Soviet satellites and to the borders of Russia itself. If there is one thing that keeps the Kremlin up at night, this is it. So it is no surprise that Moscow is extremely worried about more of the Nordic states joining the alliance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the issue at a recent news conference on talks with Finland: “Do you think we will continue to act in the same manner [if Finland joins NATO]? We have withdrawn our troops 1,500 [kilometers from the border]. Do you think they will stay there?”

According to Putin, Moscow will try to start dialogue with NATO in spite of the alliance’s expansion towards Russia’s borders, reported the Russian State News Agency TASS.

“The Finnish president came up with the proposals today at least on the first steps aimed at enhancing confidence and preventing conflicts. I have already said that I agree with this,” Putin said. “We will try to begin the dialogue with NATO at the summit in Brussels.”


Quite possibly if he suddenly gave back the part of Karelia that Stalin seized, the Finns would feel much more secure about his intentions.


The aggression from Russia is something that worries me. I hope it doesn’t get worse.


Sabre rattling, in anticipation of a new US president. Choose wisely.


Aggression from Russia? :eek:

I would recommend looking at where Finland is on the map, right on Russia’s border, if they join NATO, the US can park whatever military equipment right on their border they want. So it’s actually the US which is grossly unjustly aggressing here.

I suspect this is why they did what they did with Ukraine, as the US attempted to take that region as part of NATO so they could be right on Russia’s border through Ukraine.

If the roles were reversed, and Russia was allied and planting military equipment on the border of Mexico or Canada, the outcry I’m sure would be enormous by the US and rightly so.

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Russia has thought that Finland was part of their territory for a very long time.

here’s some of the history


It doesn’t change the fact that if Finland joins NATO, the US would be able to park their military right on Russia’s border. That is outrageous.

Imagine if the roles were reversed and it were Canada or Mexico considering an allegiance with Russia, where Russia could then park whatever Military equipment they wanted in the Country, right on your borders?

By all means, the US can stand up for Finland as a sovereign state, but being able to plant US military equipment in Finland, right on Russia’s border is unacceptable, no matter what side of the coin you are on.

It’s no wonder they had to go into Ukraine. I strongly suspect the U.S. had a large hand in that, then they try to make out Russia is simply power hungry. :rolleyes:

If Clinton gets in, this I believe will get much worse.

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Of course Russia threatens response if Finland joins NATO, how could they not? Just look at the map (And right on the other side is Ukraine), it’s clear to see who is aggressing against who here and it’s not Russia. The US already have their gear in Romania, they are just trying to worm their way closer and closer. Bunch of crooks. I sure hope Trump wins and drains the swamp.,39.0582037,5.14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4681cadf4b32f6dd:0x146d63c75a810!8m2!3d61.92411!4d25.748151

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”


If I was Finland, I would join NATO, twice. Russia can go jump into Lake Baikal. The world has to start standing up to those guys. :nunchuk:


So standing up to Russia means putting Missile Equipment on their border, effectively forcing them to either attack or surrender?

Can only imagine if the roles were reversed and we were talking about Russian Missiles being placed in Mexico or Canada right on the US border. All I can say looking back at the Cuban missile crisis, trying to justify this is hypocrisy at it’s finest.

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Russia is totally bankrupt.

Their only asset is oil.

But their internal corruption is so severe that they cannot break even on less than an oil price of $100+ per barrel. The price is below $50 now.

Every time someone innovates, the price of energy goes down. And Russia gets squeezed again.

Russia can bluster and they can get some mileage from that.

But their submarine crews get radiation sickness and international press divulges their material failures.

Subscribe to Flight International and Air Forces Monthly.

Also read “Pipeline and Gas Journal” … they tell you all the stuff that is going on overseas on those energy sectors.


Can we really blame them? .FI has a what, 700 mile border on RS that, in WW3, would become a military front?

How would we feel if Putin tried to garrison Mexico?

Sometimes the expansion of alliances brings on the very conflict they were meant to prevent.



There would be alot less tension if NATO had been dissolved at the same time that the Warsaw Pact was in 1991, instead it expanded.


The Warsaw Pact is long gone and NATO still grows.


Wow. Wonderful. Here we go again in the U.S. with further intervention in foreign affairs. I guess a military presence in 150 countries isn’t enough. We already have a bilateral defense cooperation pact with Finland. Why do we need NATO in there too? NATO needs to be dissolved. A lot of countries are in this who contribute nothing themselves but serve as a binding agreement to other members to involve them in their disputes. A total recipe for disaster of throw gas on a brush fire. while we are at it let’s put Warhawk Hillary in charge who hates Russia and never saw a conflict she wasn’t ready to send our sons and daughters into. The last time I am aware of that Russia battled Finland was in 1940. Russia is in no shape to wage such an assault with the possible consequences to them. Russia of course will move more military to their borders if NATO escalates their activities near them. What would the U.S. do if Russia stationed troops in Toronto, Canada and Monterey, Mexico. Same deal. Most grizzley bears will eat berries and catch Salmon if left alone but don’t expect the same reaction if you poke them with a stick. How about we secure our own borders before we worry about someone else’s.


I quite agree, the world does indeed need to stand up to power hungry regimes, let us start with the USA.


Finland and the Soviet Union battled twice during the WW2 era, Finland did very well for a small nation. However as an ally of convenience it had to team up with the Nazis the second time round as it had only recently finished up the Winter War. The Soviets actually lost a lot of men in both campaigns but eventually lost. The Soviet Union of course no longer exists and Russia today on its own could not bring the same amount of forces into play. However I totally understand their feelings of annoyance when the US keeps parking military assets all around their borders and I strongly support moves to rearm and redevelop all branches of the Russian military to counter all such threats if needed


If it were only that easy. As it turns out a lot of these countries are financing our own debt to some extent. Except the politicians won’t tell you that.

It frightens me when measures to renegotiate trade deals or negotiating national debt are proposed. Their impact can’t be taken lightly.


I sure hope Putin decides not to start something.


I sure hope the US doesn’t start anything, the US I believe are the instigators here.

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