Russia to debate banning all public displays of affection between gay people


Russia is voting this week whether to ban all public displays of affection between people of the same sex.

If passed, the legislation would mean gay couples who kiss or even hold hands in public could face a two-week jail


It already applies its rubbish “propaganda” law to do that.


Why not the death penalty as in certain African and Middle Eastern countries?


The proposed penalties are nowhere near that extreme. And not that long ago we held what would be considered by today’s ‘enlightened’ standards similar views on homosexuality. Sodomy was a felony in every US State in 1962.


The Duma voted against a bill that forbid people to come out as homosexual, this just happened. I don’t know if this is the same bill. It certainly sounds like different content.


It’s not the same bill

                                     The bill, initiated by lawmakers from the Communist Party and condemned as discriminatory by human rights activists, called for fines of up to 5,000 rubles (about $65) for publicly expressing "nontraditional sexual orientation."

The bill also proposed punishing those who express homosexuality at educational or cultural institutions with arrest and up to 15 days in


Reminds me of the society in V for Vendetta. Very sad, anyone could be arrested by such accusations. What if I’m walking down the street holding my mother’s hand, who looks young enough to be my partner? Would I be able to fight my case? Why should I have to? What if a son kisses his father in public?


In some Islamic countries, I believe most “public displays of affection” are outlawed. Forget that part of “between gays”.


How will this be enforced?

Will there be a special morals police that are on patrol?


Russia is doing the right thing on this matter.


If a policeman sees two people of the same gender acting as a “couple” they will be arrested.


“Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone" John 8:7


If I remember correctly, they ran into this a bit at the Sochi Olympics with their own athletes.


I’d say if a police person sees two persons of the same gender kissing, then they could be arrested. Kissing and so on. I guess that includes holding hands.


I think it would be pretty darn obvious to figure out who was doing it for homosexual reasons. There was a time when he held similar views in America, but I can imagine 20 years from now the things society will look back on as being intolerant and oppressive.


So because no one is without sin, nothing should be considered a crime? In the passage, you cite, Jesus stopped a woman from being stoned to death.


Thank God we changed.


In a little over 50 years we went from decriminalizing sodomy to making same sex marriage legal in all 50 States. If you think it’ll end there make me an offer on the bridge I own that spans the East River in New York.


No its just that you shouldn’t have to spend a fortnight in a Dorty Russian prison for holding hands with another dude. I’m pretty sure it is more damaging to society to imprison people for holding hands than it is for your kids to see two boys hugging


This shouldn’t be news. We already know Russia is an oppressive tyrannical backwater.

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