RUSSIA - UKRAINE - As US and EU prepare sanctions against Russia, Moscow gets ready to respond [AN]


New sanctions will affect defence, finance and energy. Moscow is set to boycott US chickens and EU fruit. Fighting continues for a third day near the MH17 flight crash site. Australian and Dutch experts are unable to recover the remains of the victims.



What a shame that Kiev couldn’t honor the cease fire around the crash site.


What a shame that Russia decided to conquer Ukraine.


What a shame that the Ukrainian govt. is a puppet one set up by the US ultimately who pull the strings and will pull them short and hard once the Ukrainians realise the Americans care little for their pawns once they outlive their usefulness.



Where is the like button?


Some, I guess, can see Ukrainians have an election that nobody really contests, elect a president, have a parliament that was elected, understand Ukrainians have their own memories of the past horrors visited upon them by Russians, turn out in millions to protest Russian domination and STILL be convinced that the U.S., governed by the weakest president the U.S. has ever had and who has no foreign policy whatever, is running it all. And they can do it despite the fact that Ukrainians are putting their lives on the line to prevent being dominated by their age-old oppressor.

Some, of course, are so consumed by hatred of the West that even the most preposterous fairy tale that serves that hatred can be persuasive to them.


EU widens Russia sanctions to target economy

The EU has adopted new economic sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, targeting the oil sector, defense equipment and sensitive technologies, EU sources say.

Obama: "The US is imposing new sanctions on key sectors of the Russian economy, energy, arms and…


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