Russia unveils new stealth fighter

New aircraft designed to compete with Americas latest F-22 air superiority fighter. The T-50 was made with cooperation with India and it is expected that India will receive several squadrons of the new fighter.

[quote=The Times]Anatoly Kornukov, the former commander of Russia’s Air Force, said that the new jet would be “no worse than an F-22”, adding: “I’ve been in an F-22 and I know.”

Um, kind of. Just like GM launched it first internal track trials of the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt almost two years ago. But you still can’t BUY one.

This new Sukhoi fighter is just a shell, still using unstealthy engines and no modern electronics. They’ve still got a long way to go. No point in worrying…

This and the F-22 could end up being the last generation of manned fighter/interceptors. Smaller robot planes will be the next generation (if we don’t economically implode before then…).

Clearly the “unstealthy” engines and lack of modern electronics were an oversight on part of the engineers.

How about you not read ten-paragraph articles on military equipment been in development for 20 years and give an armchair analyst comment on it? :rolleyes:

Don’t rant about stuff you don’t understand.

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