Russia, US move past Cold War to unpredictable confrontation


I am assuming you have also read-The Battle of Bretton Woods. White’s association with John Maynard Keyes speaks volumes be they in agreement at times or diverging. I agree of White’s involvement in bringing about the Pearl Harbor. White was a wacky economist with distorted views of world economy and globalization. I also fear and see the present day influence of both of these guys have had into today’s world with the Clintons and Bushes globalization and one world order schemes. Something we must strongly evade if we are to remain a country as we know it.


I haven’t read this one but I will try to do so.


Russia is probably one of at least a dozen countries that hacks everything in the U.S., including the mailing list for coupon collectors. And probably a lot of those hackers are allies of the U.S.

And how is it “interference” with the U.s. elections even if the Russians did this. Are we not supposed to know the truth? Just because our own politicians won’t tell us the truth, it doesn’t mean the truth is somehow never to be learned.

But we’re going to do a "cyber war’, whatever that is, because Hilary Clinton is offended?

This is well beyond insane.


This is correct.

Probably the BIGGEST and WORST hacker is China. Not Russia.

And Cuba was a big hacker as well … because they are geographically close to the U.S. and interception is physically easier.

The United States now has a cyber command … for the purpose of defending against cyber attacks as necessary. The United States has been hacked on an ongoing basis for decades. We need to harden our electric and other utilities; we already know what the weaknesses are. So, it is not difficult to defend against. It merely requires some degree of commitment … merely to simply do the work. We train and hire our own people and buy the hardware. Not rocket science. Merely buckling down and sticking with it.

For Hillary Clinton to actually declare war on Russia based on hacking is absolutely insane.

Obama blames Bush for his problems.

Hillary blames Russia.

She has consistently failed in everything she has attempted for 30 years.

The problem is with her own mind and will.

I made up a list of … now … 13 items … where she has failed utterly.

I may add one other item … bringing it to 14. And the 14th item is disaster relief for Haiti.


Harry Dexter White was also a very highly placed Soviet Communist mole in Washington DC.

If you type his name into Google, there is quite a bit there about him.

Read “From Major Jordan’s Diaries”. By George Racey Jordan … there are some audio files on YouTube, as well.

And Diana White’s book, “American Betrayal”.

And M. Stanton Evans’ book “Blacklisted by History”.

During and after World War II, there was a huge inquiry of Soviet Communist espionage activity in the United States. Look up everything you can find on Google and at Amazon using the search word: venona

The FBI ran a separate inquiry on this subject and came up with an identical set of conclusions. A woman named Helen Bentley came forward and identified all the people she had worked with who were Soviet moles; she worked as a messenger and courier.

If you run these names through Amazon, you will find many good book reviews AND some of them provide additional names.

There were hundreds of Soviet moles identified by their code names, but only a few were matched up with real names.

The British had a similar project. They got about 100 code names but didn’t match up any real names. Although some firemen discovered one mole there when they put out a fire. Later on the Cambridge Five were identified as Soviet moles in the UK.

There is a British magazine called “EyeSpy” … they blab everything. Get a subscription.

Buy the back numbers as well.


In case you’re wondering why Hillary Clinton is not attacking the Chinese for their hacking, remember that Bill Clinton received millions of dollars in illegal foreign campaign contributions from China.


In exchange for “most favored nation” trading status. As is always true with the Clintons, he sold his country out for money.

I shudder to think what national interests Hillary will sell for money. The only certain thing is that she will do so.


I had to turn off the news.

Hillary Clinton declared that she had just discovered that the Russians are spying on the United States.



The Russians have been spying on the United States for nearly 100 years … and EXTENSIVELY since the 1930’s.

There have been major espionage scandals for decades.

I posted on another thread that the Russians have shot down 348 aircraft that have been attempting to pierce the “Iron Curtain” and collect information on what is going on in that closed society.

[Not all of them were reconnaisance airplanes. Some, such as the two Korean airliners, were off-course civilian aircraft.]

[And another poster took exception to my equating Russia with the Soviet Union.]


Ten years ago, the Left was all hopey-changey peace in the Middle East. Now they’re interventionist warmongers wanting a confrontation with the Ruskies. What’s more, Julian Assange was a hero of the Left for exposing Bush. Now that he’s exposed Hillary, he’s Emmanuel Goldstein. How times change!

Hillary thinks the fact that Putin was behind the DNC hacks solely because the hacks came from a Russian IP address. This is stupidity at its lowest.


I found an article yesterday (published in 2015) in the IB Times about the cushy weapons deals that the State Dept. approved for Middle Eastern countries who’d donated to the Clinton Foundation. So in public she calls them sponsors of terrorism or oppressive or having bad human rights records or whatever, while in private she’s approving sales of weapons to them.

Then there’s the uranium company (owned by her major donor Frank Giustra) whose sale to Russia she approved:

Or the Clinton Foundation’s actions in Colombia, supporting Giustra’s financial interests and doing very little to benefit Colombians:

Or the Foundation’s failure to provide real disaster relief in Haiti…

Or… or … or…

So, what will Hillary Clinton do for money? As far as I can tell, the answer seems to be – almost anything.


The Uranium One deal got Russia 20% of American uranium mines … [some say 50%].

AND the Uranium One deal netted Hillary Clinton $140,000,000 in cash … some would say … bribes … from Russia.

You know … Russia … the people who are … shock, shock, shock … spying on the United States.

Read Clinton Cash. Great book.

Oh, and the book “American Betrayal” was written by Diana West [not Diana White].

[Sorry about that.]

Diana West has an excellent Web site/ weekly blog thing.


This is the Cold War, part 2. As Russia moves to counter actual and perceived threats from the US, it will go into Phase One: Large-scale exercises and increased production of essential weapons. This is followed by deployments of forces, weapons and support equipment to key action zones.

Since the news rarely reports news, except if you check foreign sources, people in the US are fed little scary and entertaining bits and learning details is no longer encouraged. Since US citizens have to deal with day to day life, details are also forgotten. Recently, the US has moved tanks to Poland for storage. Storage for what?

US satellite assets are on higher alert for certain regions and are monitoring the situation closely. Of course China, a long-time Russian ally, is also concerned. The most likely scenario would not be a ground war, although the borders of Eastern Europe would have to be defended. It would be through combined space, missiles and manned and unmanned air assets. Since the Russians have seized Crimea and are attempting to annex Eastern Ukraine, those might be flashpoints. I’ll stop here.

Wars are no longer fought for the purpose of winning. They are fought to eliminate the worst part of a threat and contain the rest, with rapid deployment forces left behind should the brush-fire flare up. God knows what the supposedly unmanned X-37B is doing in space. Naval and land-based lasers exist and other types of weapon systems are coming online.

They’re updating their scenarios at the Pentagon, and Turkey is a key oil transport asset. Can’t lose control of that. Our Allies are in the picture but that picture is very vague.



One could hardly imagine a worse scenario than an Obama administration that virtually invited Russia and Iran to take over the Middle East, followed by a warmongering Hillary Clinton.

She repeated last night her resolve to establish a “no-fly zone” in northern Syria. Negotiations have failed to achieve that very thing. Russia is flying there because it wants to do so and has goals it wishes to achieve. When Hillary talks about a “no fly zone” she’s talking about a “no-Russia-fly-zone”; an extraordinary risky undertaking. Is she going to have the USAF shoot down Russian planes?

Frankly, while I think she’s crazy enough and in love with war and killing enough to do it, she’ll have such opposition from the U.S. military that she’ll have to back down.

The enhancement of Russian military presence and forces is exactly a warning to the U.S. military to keep Hillary Clinton in check. Russia is very diligent in studying the psychology of adversaries and potential adversaries. They know what Clinton is, even if American voters don’t.


I can’t think of much that’s more arrogant than proposing a No Fly Zone for Russian planes in a country where they’ve had a base since 1971. It would be like Russia and it’s allies in the Middle East supporting a covert war in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, and then telling the US that they’re declaring a No Fly Zone for American aircraft over those countries.


This is one circumstance in which the Armed Forces might simply refuse to obey orders and persuade her to declare her “zone” in some uninhabited corner of desert where nobody flies anyway, so she can claim she lived up to her pledge. Quite possibly, she knows that already.

But maybe not. One remembers how Wesley Clark almost started a war with the Russians in Kosovo, and would have done it had the Brit commander (nominally under Clark/Clinton command) refused to allow Britain to play a part.

Hillary Clinton really is in love with war. Remember her claim to have “braved the bullets” in Kosovo, an outright lie? Remember that awful laughing she did when she learned of Khaddaffi’s torture-death?


The Russians do not have a license to export Uranium from the US, so it doesn’t matter how much they own of Uranium One. The US also produces a minuscule percentage of the world’s Uranium (about 3.4%) and is actually a net importer of Uranium. “Over 90% of uranium purchased by U.S. commercial nuclear reactors is from outside the U.S.”

This Uranium thing is a non issue.


So, the Clintons received tens of millions from the principles in the deal for nothing at all?

Whether most of the world’s uranium comes from the U.S. or not is not the issue. It’s a source America has, securely. The biggest producer, Kazakhstan, is within the Russian orbit, so that’s not a reliable supplier.

Maybe Uranium One can send uranium out of the country, and maybe it can’t. But it can certainly refuse to take it out of the ground.


So if Uranium One produces say 20% of US uranium and refused to take it out of the ground, the US would have to import 92% of its uranium instead of 90%. And there is no evidence that the Clintons received any money surrounding the Uranium One deal. The State Department was one of only 9 agencies that had to give a green light to Russians purchasing a stake in Uranium One. So unless there is evidence that they bribed the other 8 agencies, this is a silly non-issue, a conspiracy theory.


Then fill American voters in.

!) Why are there US-led air strikes in Syria?
2) What are our immediate goals?
3) What are the Russians’ immediate goals?
4) What is at stake - RIGHT NOW - for Russia and the US?
5) What is the purpose of creating a No-Fly Zone if Hillary Clinton is elected? Some make it sound like it’s a done deal already.
6) What are our Allies doing there right now, especially as it regards military action?

Ignore the media noise and get the answers.



Our “allies” are not only broke, but they spend only a tiny fraction of what we spend on their military.

When Italy and others attacked Libya a few years ago, THEY RAN OUT OF AMMUNITION after only a few days.

Today, I doubt our “allies” could do much of anything.

They can’t even protect their own borders from the hundreds of thousands of military age men who are walking in.

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