Russia Voted off UN Human Rights Council

The General Assembly voted Russia off the U.N. Human Rights Council on Friday, a stunning rebuke to the country which is increasingly being accused of war crimes over its actions in Syria.

The 193-member General Assembly elected 14 members to 47-nation council, the U.N.'s main body charged with promoting and protecting human rights.

Russia, which received 112 votes, lost its regional seat to Hungary, with 144 votes, and Croatia with 114 votes.

But for the UN, “human rights” also includes abortion, gay marriage, and euthanasia. The UN also supports blasphemy laws, so it does not entirely support the freedom of speech that we value so much.

As a matter of interest there are laws prohibiting insulting religion publically in the Russian Federation and if you do so repeatedly you may be charged under them. It is an offence to insult any of the traditional religions protected in the constitution there and whilst you might get away with a couple of one off comments if you made a speech attacking Christianity, Islam or Judaism it could prove problematic for you. Blasphemy laws remain on the books in my own country of Ireland but have not been used for some years now.

This is kind of ridiculous considering that Saudi Arabia was just reelected to the Human Rights Council. In terms of human rights, Saudi Arabia is one of the worst countries in the world. They recently sentenced someone to 10 years in prison and flogging with 2000 lashes for being an atheist and they still have the death penalty for homosexuality. There are no churches in Saudi Arabia because the public practice of all non-Muslim religions is prohibited.

The UN, while originally a good idea in concept has, IMO, become a malignancy.

I agree. If any nation needs to be booted off the human rights council its Saudi Arabia.

I agree!


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