Russia Warns U.S. Against Ramping Up Sanctions


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Russians could be at the gates of Kiev in a month if they chose to do it. But our foreign policy is largely determined by the Democrat media nowadays, so things like Russia taking more of Ukraine are nowhere near as important as demanding that Trump do more and more provocative things toward Russia.


“If something like a ban on bank operations or currency use follows, it will amount to a declaration of economic war,” he said. “And it will warrant a response with economic means, political means and, if necessary, other means. Our American friends should understand that.”

Hmmm, what does that mean? Since I’m not one of Russia’s “American friends,” I am puzzled.


Do you demand, then, that Trump initiate a war with Russia?

I think you can be assured that Medvedev is not threatening election interference but something much worse. As I said, Russian soldiers could be at the suburbs of Kiev in a month or less if Russia really wanted to do it. It could take Latvia and there would be nothing we could do about it short of nuclear war, which even the anti-Trumpers probably wouldn’t demand.


With all due respect, I honestly don’t think he was
talking about you, or anyone in particular. It was a pleasantry morning n the midst of threats.
Not unusual


There are all kinds of things Russia could do short of nuclear war. In all likelihood it has long had the capability of shutting down our electrical grid. Probably it can cause chaos in the banking system. It could send thousands of Hezbollah fighters against our limited troops in Syria. It could cause Hezbollah to launch tens of thousands of rockets on Israel. As mentioned before, it could take more Ukrainian territory or the totality of one of the Baltic states before we could react at all. And if it did, would we really send a hundred thousand marines to fight them? Do we even have a hundred thousand battle-ready marines? It could simply hand Iran ten nuclear warheads to put on its missiles.

Trump really is going to have to think long and hard about what to do in this situation, and a lot of glib anti-Trump talk offers no solutions.


No. Russia is warning the U.S. that it will take further actions if there are further sanctions. It has never said what those actions would be.

Do you really think Trump will launch nukes even if Putin takes Latvia? It won’t happen. And it certainly won’t happen if he takes more of Ukraine because we have no defense agreement with Ukraine. We absolutely are not going to start a nuclear war over Ukraine.

Russia gets away with its aggression precisely because the U.S. has allowed things like Russian seizure of Crimea and eastern Ukraine and done nothing about it.


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Obviously sanctions of the prior administration did nothing. Nor is there any great reason to think the sanctions imposed by this administration have done anything either. But there is a difference. Russia seized the territory of others during the last two presidencies, but has not done so in Trump’s.

Trump is, indeed, negotiating from a somewhat weakened position. He can’t do anything or fail to do anything without the Democrat media calling it 'Russia collusion". But Trump is probably a tougher cookie than the left media think he is, and probably Putin knows it too, which is why Putin has not seized anybody’s territory while Trump has been in office.

Unlike the media, Putin probably knows the media doesn’t really run American foreign policy. At least not yet.


Nonsense. The U.S. IS NATO. Not much harm is done if the relationship with Germany, for example, is cut, what with its four fighter jets. Germany’s lack of defense didn’t happen overnight. It has been a work in progress for quite some time. Trump is trying to get them to put a credible effort into their own self-defense. Right now, their only defense against Russia is the U.S.

As to the U.S.'s capabilities, Trump has strengthened them.



This is not entirely true:
A decade after war, Putin-backed ‘borderization’ costs Georgia land


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I wouldn’t say the US has done nothing. Ukraine has received a lot of support from the US and NATO. But there’s a matter of reality here. NATO is under no specific obligation to march into eastern Ukraine and Crimea and expel Russia, since Ukraine is not a member of the alliance. Beyond that both sides have absolutely no desire for NATO and Russian troops to start firing on each other, since that way leads to general war.

It’s for that reason that I can’t imagine Russia trying to invade the Baltic states. That’s a game of chicken I can’t imagine Putin wanting to play.


Actual support in the form of armaments began, as I understand it, with the current administration. Prior to that, it was food and medical supplies.

The U.S. has no treaty obligation to defend Ukraine, and that’s true. But we did have a treaty agreement with Russia that Ukraine would be intact, including Crimea.


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