Russia warns US against strikes on Islamic State in Syria


Do not think to call me a liar again. It is not my practice to report violations to the moderators, but I will make an exception in your case.

Russia has no fewer than 1,000 regular troops in Ukraine and an unknown number of covert operatives. Read the news now and then, and you can’t miss it.


Putin is no longer finding the role as the Great Czar, Head of the Orthodox Church and Protector of the beleaguered Christians of the world a very useful one.

When push comes to shove, it is America that will be the one that responds to a humanitarian crisis, and not Russia. Russia is back to playing its traditional post-Cold War role of spoiler, and running interference.


Very well said. :thumbsup:


But do they really have them in the Ukraine or have all the photos been faked on the same set they faked all the moon landings. :rolleyes:

I understand your anger, but there is no need to defend against such a ridiculous accusation. As to Putin, I think anyone that looks at this title had the same thought, that is hypocrisy personified. It would be like Larry Flynt complaining about indecency in Mass dress.


I think there are a lot of leaders in the world today making alot of mistakes -from Obama to Putin, and all the Islamic nations with their nomadic terrorist organizers. Whole nations are losing order simultaneously it seems. Its falling apart like its the eve of another Dark Age… I know the Islamists were involved during the last Dark Age, and diseases were spreading too during the dark ages like bubonic plague… Now we have Ebola… :eek: :shrug:


…but i dont want to think like that, its not like im rooting for it afterall. And the professionals havent been waving any warning flags. Surely something of that magnitude couldnt sneak by the radar… Could it…? But then there have been weary economic forcasts in the news before all this started amping up. I dunno.


I have the same problem. The conflict in Syria seems to be extremely muddled. There is no shortage of videos on youtube of different groups of ideologues killing each other, but beyond the ever-predictable “We’re killing those guys because they killed our guys” response, I haven’t been able to detect all that much differentiation.

I’d guess ISIS (or ISIL or IS or whatever their name is this week . . . :rolleyes:) is the most evil of the bunch, but ISIS in Syria seems to be a bit milder than ISIS in Iraq, so that still muddies the differentiation that one could have expected along “the axis of evil” a bit.


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