Russia winter has been severe


I also saw in other sources that Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and several countries in Eastern Europe have had the coldest weather they have had in many years.


Oh dear Lord, this is an article about nothing when you read it closely. First the headline bang on about the worst winter ever and then contradicts itself a few line in by saying the worst winter in 50 years. Having lived there and been married to a Russia here are our collective takes on the first paragraph of the article which I’ve reproduced below:-

**Russia is experiencing its coldest winter for half a century. As Phil Reeves reports, it is causing chaos.
Children under 11 have been ordered not to go to school. Metal cables that power Moscow’s trolley buses have frozen and snapped. Hundreds of people have been treated for frostbite and hypothermia and one person has been killed by a falling icicle.

Children under that age are regularly told to stay home now and then EVERY year in parts of Russia. I am willing to bet that occurs in other places which have regions with extremely cold climates such as Canada or Alaska. Hundreds of people treated for frostbite in a nation 150 odd million or so? Hardly amazing and one person been killed by a falling icicle is tragic but more in the line of a freakish and unlucky accident than anything else.

Coming next week in the Independent, our correspondent goes to the Sahara where find new evidence that it can be quite hot and sunny there.




Praying for those experiencing extreme cold.


That happens every year in Russia, right now it is minus 25 in my wife’s home city which is perfectly normal temperature for that area at this time of year and in fact slightly warmer than normal.



Russia?, Happens every year here in Canada and in Alaska too!


Yep, just as I thought. Thus a non-article about nothing to fill up column space for that particular newspaper.


I think most have missed my point in posting this article. I thought more individuals would read between the lines.I will be more direct. I am quite familiar with Russia and have been there, so I know first hand about Russian weather. I do not need to be acquainted with it via proxy. I am also familiar with Canadian and Alaskan weather conditions. All of them are noted for their extreme cold weather. This is hardly a revelation to me.

The point is that that despite all the talk of global warming and record heat, there are places around the world that continue to have extreme cold weather as they always did and in many cases are exceeding their normal cold temperatures. However, no one bats an eye at it and it doesn’t make headlines. So, yes it is an article about “nothing”. It is life as normal . We fret about global warming, yet apparently chose to ignore the contrary as “just no big deal”. This is the other side of the coin. Not “everywhere”, “all of the time” is experiencing global warming. Life goes on like normal.


indeed but that does not invalidate global warming of course and actually Chelyabinsk which is the area of Russia I am most familiar with has had longer and hotter summers and milder winters for some years now.


Nor has the fact that some areas are having milder temperature or hotter summers in recent years substantiate global warming.


I happen to believe in global warming, some here do not, some are sceptical and agnostic about the whole affair. It is not a hill I choose to die on with regards to the matter however as I have noticed fighting about the whole matter becomes rather bitter.


You are correct in this point. For the most part I quit reading the threads that pertain to Global warming in this forum. We are a media driven people and the media and an enthusiastic activist group have largely driven the “fear” of global warming to the point everyone just excepts it as truth. If we hear something enough, it becomes imbedded in our minds as -“the Truth”.

I saw this obscure article which seemed to actually say the opposite of the barrage of information about Global warming. It seemed to be no more extreme in nature than a post of it being 2 degrees warmer this winter in a given area. In my mind, both “non-news”, So I posted it, getting pretty much the reaction I expected, with comments that basically say-Why are you posting this? It is cold in Russia or Canada or wherever, this is not news.

However, my assumption is from viewing multiple other threads if I had said that the temperature in Moscow or Calgary was two degrees warmer during the winter over the last two years there would have probably been a flurry of posts with the usual charts and graphs and calls for taking extreme measures to counteract it. I think when we see anything in the media today we need to scrutinize it. Global warming is an issue to ponder but we have let it get out of control and the fact that there were record breaking cold temperatures in many parts of the world is no more “non-news” than an increase of a few degrees in another area.


If you think that global warming is substantiated only by anecdotal observations like these, you do not understand climate science. The fact that last January had more consecutive above zero temperatures in Minneapolis than any January in history is no more relied upon to support global warming than the fact that some places in Russia are quite cold this winter can be relied upon to discredit it. It is quite true that the media often attaches to facts like these because they resonate with the average person more than rigorous scientific research.


You have driven in your point and caught some posters unaware of your intention. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:

I got to say it is pretty savvy and you brought out a point alright.

It is interesting about our society being media driven. That also shows the power of the media has on their hands. Abuse that power, then they are no better than any despot that rules a nation with strict censorship.

More importantly media today take advantage of their position by giving personal opinion. Usually that would be through selected people who would make a panel on a subject and we more or less know what they are going to say.

Perhaps there is grey area there. Probably if media just report news objectively as they are, maybe they would get less audience but there is no mistake that the media is also a mouthpiece by certain organization to disseminate their propaganda.

The sad fact is people are quick to make the media as their point of reference to the truth. Cannot blame them though if they cannot get the information from any other source or all the media sources that we have report on the same thing.


You missed out on what he is trying to say, but oh, never mind.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I reviewed all the posts by JW55 in this thread, and I may be mistaken about JW’s intentions. But I am not mistaken about how many others will interpret those comments as a direct repudiation of actual rigorous climate science - not the media-hyped variety. In my comment I even said essentially the same thing as JW - that anecdotal evidence is a non-story on both sides.


We have exchanged comments in regard to Global warming in previous threads. I have certainly respected your comments even if I might disagree with them, I would hope you could say the same about mine. I do try to think things through before commenting, rather than just throwing things out without basis.

I think I have clarified before that Global Warming bears watching but I am not ready to buy into it quite yet. It has some basis, but so does the flip side. Both sides can provide evidence to the contrary of the other. The whole climate thing has definitely become a media and political darling. You may have approached your position through extensive reading and research. I think the majority of people do not.

However, the real intent of the thread was to basically present a Non-news item. Everyone knows Russian winters are incredibly brutal. The article described some obvious severe weather conditions. Pretty much true of most Russian winters. Apparently the severity was significant enough this year to set some records. But, it received little to no comments or media coverage. Had the article been the opposite and say a 2 degree warming shift over the period of a couple of years the thread would have probably had hundreds of hits with opinions flying both ways. We have several threads as evidence of this. Why is one a news item, the other not? I think the reason for this is that we hear about global warming every day in the news, online, publications, etc. Is it true? it must be if it is on TV or online, by a lot of peoples opinions. Global warming is definitely “in”, although It remains to be substantially proven It is definitely a “cool” , or “in vogue” item to talk about.

But the issue goes far beyond just “Global Warming”. The media has such a huge impact on our opinions. Much of this is subliminal. If we hear something enough it becomes true, be it the weather, racism, politics, what someone supposedly said. This was my point, we need to be very cautious of how we shape our opinions. Let’s hear all sides, not just one. News now often times is no more than an editorial or blog, or maybe a better term would be propaganda. We are quick to point out foreign propaganda is wrong, but maybe fail to see our own country doing the same thing. We sometimes think because it is ours, it is right, If they say it is wrong.

Maybe not a good example of how the media works, but for instance if the devil showed up in a red face, horns and a pitch fork we would run the other way. If a pleasant looking individual on TV said the same things we might except it whole-heartedly because they seem so honest and forth coming.


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