Russian adoption ban could expand to countries with legalized child euthanasia

And the Russians make a stand again,against child euthanasia, this time.

*Lower House MPs have asked the Foreign Ministry to study the recently passed law allowing child euthanasia in Belgium in order to decide if its citizens should be legally banned from adopting Russian kids.

The initiative comes from Deputy Roman Khudyakov of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. The politician told the mass circulation daily Izvestia that he wrote to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov asking him to investigate the situation.

“Before we continue cooperation with Belgium allowing our children to be adopted by their citizens we should understand on what grounds a child can be killed in this country and if there is a danger for our kids to lose their lives in a foreign country,” the lawmaker said.

Khudyakov added that the majority of Russian children’s rights groups and religious organizations would support the ban on adoption of Russian children by Belgians. The lawmaker also added that he would never vote for a bill that would allow the authorities to take decisions that can only be taken by God.*

If that’s what Russia wants , ok fine , i can live with that !!
Anyway , politic smells dirty !!

btw: I’m born & raised , and living in Belgium :slight_smile:

So proud of Russia. Belgium needs to see the evil that it has allowed with their new law.

I am glad that Russia is doing this. It is nice to see a country take a stand against the immorality in our world. I am not saying Russia is perfect but at least they are not caving to the homosexual agenda or to euthanasia.

At this point, I really wouldn’t be surprised if Russia banned all foreign adoptions.

Maybe they should.


Putin is the man! :thumbsup:

This got me wondering what restrictions the US puts on US orphans /unwanted kids, adopted by someone in another country…Does anyone know?

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