Russian aggression is pushing Finland and Sweden towards NATO


The Economist


Always interesting to read the anti-Russian bias and exaggerated analysis of presumed “Russian agression” by those who fan the flames of a new Cold War. I wonder if the addition of another member state of an anti-Russian alliance on Russia’s border will be more likely or less likely to provoke further Russian military buildup which will again be characterized as aggression?


Finland and Sweden ought to have been in NATO years ago.

Western Europe will respect their independence. Russia under Putin will not.


Here is some Russian “propaganda” buzzing a US warship.


Yes, because Sweden and Finland are known for their aggressive military actions against their neighbors. :rolleyes:


Sweden used to be a fairly ominous force in European politics, during the times of the Vikings, and there was a king or two after that that got people’s attention.


Russia is the only one provoking this, and as usual, they lie about it and try to claim they are the victims. There was no significant interest in including Finland and Sweden in NATO until Russia’s annexation of Crimea and war in eastern Ukraine. There was some modest interest in Georgia about joining NATO, but not much until very recently. There were few forces on the eastern flank of NATO until after the war in Ukraine and Russia’s threats against the Baltics. The military exercises in Poland that Russia has tantrums about were in response to those actions as well. If Russia doesn’t want a military alliance on its borders, it should quit making such an alliance necessary.


Astute on all points…


Russia is NOT the one provoking this. The Ukraine catastrophe, was visibly televised through the media as Western backed, with the West actually admitting to choosing the coup government members - i.e. all anti-Russian.

There is no way, in a trillion years. would Crimea/Russia have taken a referendum IF Ukraine had been still under a democratic government, there would have been absolutely no reason to. But as the coup anti-Russian government threatened Crimeans, live on Ukrainian TV, to coming to burn them all out - they asked for Putin’s help ,being majority Russian, and the rest is history, as they say. You reap what you set up.

There is a civil war in Ukraine, ignited by the coup government and overthrowing of the democratically elected one. Russia is NOT in Ukraine, nor has it ever been - although there have been numerous attempts to lie and prove otherwise - but all were proven false.

Yes, there are Ukrainian-Russian separatists, living in Eastern Ukraine, that are fighting nationalist Ukrainians and the Ukrainian army.


There is no such thing as “Russian aggression”. It is a fiction, like fairies or lumifererous aether.

The Maidan was a illegitimate coup dominated by fascists and neo-nazis, and the citizens of Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation to protect themselves from the inimical aftermath of the Euromaidan coup.

Still, Ukraine is another name of the banner of the CIA or the more open group NED, like Chile, Iran, and Guatemala. They should be proud of the Euromaidan. If it is not a coup, why was Victoria Nuland planning to install Yatsenyuk before the aftermath of the protests?


Yes Latias. These things are unknown to the American people because nearly all our news sources spout the same story that the CIA wants to be told. NATO has done nothing but expand since the fall of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact is gone. Think of how this looks to Russia’s leadership. Given the Russia’s history of getting invaded, wouldn’t the growth of NATO look like Western aggression or at least a potential threat that needs to be addressed?


I do not think Finland or Sweden should join NATO. I wouldn’t want World War III to start if Russia invades either of those nations. One positive of a Russian invasion of Sweden would be the liberation of the Swedish people from the liberal socialist government. Finland is not as liberal as Sweden.


I’d say 1000 years and about 10,000 IKEAs have probably smoothed over any hard feelings


Well, why not? Claiming to be a victim is what neutralizes First World nations.


Looks like sharia law activism has some competition for control of Sweden.


That’s dark.:cool:


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