Russian anti-gay crusader seeks ban on child beauty pageants


Russians complaining about immoral clothing??? This is amazing. What’s going on with Russia?? They are acting more moral than the West.
St Petersburg legislator Vitaly Milonov has announced his intention to press for the ban on child beauty pageants in the city with a possible later extension to all of Russia.

Milonov has gained popularity (or, in some people’s view, notoriety) in Russia and abroad for sponsoring the original “gay propaganda ban” – the St. Petersburg city law that introduced administrative fines for promoting non-traditional sex relations and values to minors. The bill was later passed at a Federal level despite protests from Russian LGBT activists and international rights organizations.

Milonov is also known for suggesting prayer as a cure against homosexuality in press interviews and a plan to resettle homeless people from cities to special settlements in rural areas.

On Friday Milonov told the St. Petersburg news site that he was preparing a bill that would allow participation in beauty pageants only from the age of sixteen years. Breaking the rule would be the responsibility to event organizers and to participants’ parents.

The deputy said that child beauty pageants had recently become popular in Russia and the format of these contests caused great concern for the health of participating children, both physical and mental. “They force children to wear immodest dress and swimsuits, to perform on the catwalk like grownup supermodels, they subject children to plastic surgery and impose on them non-childish behavior that resembles that of easily accessible women,” Milonov noted.

"The participation is such contests not only harm the child’s psyche, it also increases the danger of them becoming victims of paedophiles,” he added.

“It is inadmissible that children who have just turned six or seven or ten years of age get paraded before adults in underwear or do pole dancing to please some perverts,” the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Milonov as saying.

Children’s beauty pageants take place in St Petersburg regularly, several times a year. The latest two were the Miss Childhood Planet event in February 2011 and Little St Petersburg Beauty in May 2012.


I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. In my opinion, it would benefit society by reducing their focus on vanity.


I just wish the ban would include all children up to the age of 18.


Wow! Russia…taking all these steps!

It reminds of Fatima…how we were to pray for the conversion of Russia, maybe because Russia is actually going to convert US!


This may be off-topic, but I seem to recall Bishop Fulton J. Sheen predicting exactly that sort of thing happening once the Cold War would end. (He predicted back in the 1950s and 1960s that the Cold War would end, with the US victorious.)


That sounds great. I would bet that America would call it an outrage, banning freedom of expression and such. But he has a great point! The amount of children who are pressured into pageants and who more or less lose their childhood because of them is terrible, and I fully support the ban. Who on earth needs child pageants, anyways? I can’t see it being fun for a young child, and certainly not fun for the majority of children; who wants to sit for an hour getting fake nails glued on and hair sprayed on indefinitely and practicing again and again tediously how to walk in heels and a gown, when they could be out playing in the mud with imaginary friends? :slight_smile: Let children be children, we don’t need all this pressure to grow up.


The best government is local government :thumbsup:


I agree with you. Many citizens of the United States would say it is an outrage and that it is banning freedom of expression and such. Of course that argument can be made but personally, I do not like child pageants. I was put in one when I was a child and if I recall, I did not enjoy it all that much.

If you ask me, child pageants are often a way for a parent to be prideful of their child and not to simply show off their child’s beauty. But regardless, people should focus more on inner beauty such as beauty of the person as a whole or their soul than their outward beauty.

Outward beauty can be deceptive. Inward beauty such as compassion for others and such is what truly matters.


You know, I think I can agree with you on this. Centralized government authority tends to become a little too authoritarian in my opinion. What do you think?


No, I don’t think so. You have to understand that Russia has long been a central player in child exploitation and abuse. The shameless promotion of childhood sexuality in many parts of Russia would make the most Americans – however liberal they were about these things – blush. It’s long overdue that the Russian government crack down on the exploitation of their children.


link doesn’t work


I agree.


I agree that child beauty pageants should be banned. From the article, this is why the “gay” activists call this man an “anti-gay crusader”:

Milonov has gained popularity (or, in some people’s view, notoriety) in Russia and abroad for sponsoring the original “gay propaganda ban” – the St. Petersburg city law that introduced administrative fines for promoting non-traditional sex relations and values to minors.

He sounds like someone who cares about children. I see nothing wrong with protecting children from immorality.


Care to back these assertions up gospodin?


Not only that, it doesn’t work and is prone to corruption. It’s not that local government isn’t, as we can see in places like Minneapolis, which crammed a new stadium on its citizens in violation of its own charter, or Detroit which has been lightning for financial and sexual corruption or major cities in the northeast megalopolis where city council members vote to raise taxes and then flee to tax havens like Florida.

The idea behind localized government is that if you don’t like it there, you can move to another city or another state. People will always make the excuse that “they really can’t”, but if that’s the case, maybe it really isn’t so bad. Because the pilgrims and other immigrants came here (many still do, BTW) risking life and limb to be free.

Russia already tried big centralized government. It was a complete disaster. A common saying during the Cold War was that “Russia was a Third World nation with a First World army”.

And despite producing massive amounts of food, some places in the USSR resorted to human cannibalism.

As libertine commentator Glen Beck said: “It didn’t matter that people were starving. What mattered was government was in control to distribute food and that it was ‘fair’”.

The Catholic Church has a very dim view on central planning and is against socialism and communism because the endgame is that government takes the place of God and provider.


But does that not only make it an even better thing? Perhaps Russia is generally beginning to turn things around. Even if not, it’s one less bit of exploitation in the system :slight_smile:


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