Russian-Armenian Military Drill Targets ‘Ottomania’


                                            Just another reason why I'm becoming increasingly Pro-Russian :thumbsup:


Russia is a very confusing country. Putin is just one of those guys that you can not predict. 1 moment your mind says, oh boy there goes Russia, and other moments one says, Russia is alright.


I don’t think Turkey will be attacking Russia any time soon. :rolleyes:


Last month was one of the most violent in years in Nagorno-Karabakh with several soldiers on both sides killed, and there’s been alot of strong language in the region of late . I remember an editorial last year that mentioned in the event of war between Christian majority Armenia and Muslim majority Aerbaijan, Turkey and the US would come in on the side of Azerbaijan and Russia would side with Armenia.


Not sure why your saying that. US relations with Armenia are pretty good.


Chechen leader, Putin pal vows to crush ISIS after threat against Russia

And Putin’s Chechen Leader Pal.


IMHO, the only tanks likely to take over Armenia are Russian.

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