Russian Catholic Calendar

Does anyone here know where I can look/read at the Liturgical Calendar used by the Russian Byzantine Catholics?
Do they use the Russian Orthodox Calendar?


Like the Julian calendar? I think they do.

It varies from parish to parish.


In Australia, we use the Russian Orthodox calendar (Julian). Personally, I find this online version very useful:

Dcn Anton

Thanks for the reply Deacon!

Does your parish there in Australia include/celebrate the feasts of some selected Russian Orthodox Saints?

Yes, we have the services for the same saints as do other Russian churches. For instance, our church recently had an icon of St Alexander (Schmorell) written - he was glorified only last year, and his festival day is coming up this Friday.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Fr Dcn Anton: Wonderful to have another Russian Greek Catholic here!! :smiley: Are you at Trinity-St. Nicholas in Melbourne? Did you know Abbot Nicholas, and Fr Maximos Davies, HRM, when they were in Australia?

I’m at Our Lady of Fatima in SF. There are so few of us, it’s been great to connect even in a small way on Facebook with Trinity-St. Nicholas, St Michael’s NYC, and Eglise catholique russe de Paris.

**Kyle **: Our parish uses the “Revised Julian” which is the Gregorian except for Pascha which is Julian, from Zacchaeus Sunday through Pentecost/Holy Trinity. I understand that originally our parish was on the old calendar exclusively. I’m not sure when we changed. But “Revised Julian” is what the OCA, Greeks and Antiochians pretty much all use here and a number of us are often in those parishes for Vespers etc. A few of our parishioners go to Vespers at the ROCOR Cathedral which often puts them on a different calendar than we are, but a number of us go to OCA or Greek parishes for Vespers, and other things like Great Canon, Bridegroom services, which we don’t have in our parish, and so it only makes sense to be on the Revised Julian which they are using.

Thanks, 5Loaves. Yes, at Trinity-St Nicholas. I haven’t met the Fathers you mention, though. I agree that facebook is (in some ways) a blessing for facilitating communication among the churches.

Abbot Nicholas :love:
Hieromonk Maximos :love:

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