Russian Cruise Missile Test Fails, Hits A Building


Russian Cruise Missile Test Fails, Hits A Building

A Russian cruise missile hit a block of flats after it went astray soon after launch.

The missile was being tested when the incident happened, none was injured, the Defense Ministry was quoted as saying by local media Tuesday.

“After the launch, the missile diverged from its course and fell near the village of Nenoksa,” the ministry said.

The rocket hit a three-storey building, but residents were evacuated in time, and no one was hurt, the state news agency TASS reported.

I remember incidences that could not be believed when it was reported that missiles crashed into Iran 2 months ago and there was some other miss, of course, that was just the creation of the Western press as well because after all, Russia is perfect. At least, the Russian Press reports this so we now have something we can believe.


I wonder how they had time to evacuate a 3 story building?!


Is Russia! We do it good!

With all the wide open spaces in Russia, they have to test near populated areas?


:doh2: lol!


*A Russian cruise missile hit a block of flats after it went astray soon after launch.

Oops.Ya gotta hate it when that happens.


So you believe the Russian press when it suits you?


I wouldn’t get too smug. The article from the Huffington Post below gives some US cruise missile failures -

The real story, according to the spin being placed on the story by the Pentagon (and willingly echoed by an all-too compliant American media) is the alleged violation of Iranian territory that occurred when these missiles hit earth. The goal in emphasizing this aspect of the story (“Russian missiles headed for Syria landed in Iran” announced CNN on its website) is clear - to generate some sort of political fallout within Iran over a violation of its territorial sovereignty. The United States knows all-to-well the potential backlash that can occur when a cruise missile goes astray - in late March, 2003, the United States was compelled to reposition ships in the Mediterranean and Red Seas when seven Tomahawk missiles intended for Iraq wound up on Turkish and Saudi Arabian soil, prompting both those governments to close their air space to American cruise missiles. Three other stray Tomahawks ended up hitting targets in Iran, prompting the Iranian government to file official complaints with the British and Swiss embassies (the Swiss represent American interests in Iran, given the lack of diplomatic relations between the two.) Perhaps the Pentagon was hoping to anger anti-Russian elements among the Iranian body politic, generating the same sort of diplomatic brouhaha it experienced in 2003.


And here’s one explanation of why these highly sophisticated weapons can go wrong - a US Patriot missile system this time.

The Russians don’t have a patent on error. We’ve all got one.

PS - I’ve just edited this post twice - both times for typos - typical errors on my part.


So, the largest, most powerful military on the face of the Earth, possessing the most advanced and all-pervasive reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities ever developed by mankind, with fleets of billion dollar bombers, precision drones and laser-guided smart bombs somehow can’t manage to put the slightest dent in a guerrilla force of mentally deranged psychotic barbarians after more than an entire year of trying, but the Russians, whose missile tests somehow manage to hit abandoned apartment buildings in the middle of nowhere, have thoroughly flouted the same guerrilla force in just a couple months? Yep, there’s certainly no reason to question any of it, 'cos it all makes perfect sense.:whacky:


I doubt if the US denied these events happened and that is the point of my op. It’s nothing about smugness.


Indeed, indeed.


How strange that someone would think a campaign killing civilians ten times the rate the coalition is, is somehow a good thing. :ouch:

Russian airstrikes killing Syrian civilians 10 times faster than the coalition

Also, as to Russia putting a dent in ISIS, what version is this? “ISIS is within hours of annihilation” or “ISIS has cut off their beards and fled”?

Also, since to many of us, some present some sort of alternate universe approach, when the news reported Russian missiles hit Iran, we were told this probably didn’t happen in a snide way, the Western media was probably lying. This present case is just presented for that.

**U.S.: Four Russian missiles fired at Syrian targets crash in Iran


The point is, the US is not outright lying if something bad happens, it’s nothing about being smug; it’s those who present Russia as always being perfect and probably fibbing like the Russian presence in Ukraine that Putin has admitted to.

Also, right off, many said the Metrojet was brought down by a bomb but lo and behold, though that has been proven correct, there was heavy criticism for stating what appeared rather obvious to begin with, we had to wait once again for weeks to find out the truth. This is fine to get official confirmation but I guarantee one, if a bomb brought down another nation’s jet, such reports should not be seen as hostile or sinister. Press outlets would report on it the same way.


Russia is better at destroying ISIS; the United States is better at arming ISIS. Note the subtle difference.


Also, the Russian press reports the missile hit a building and there were no casualties so we will take their word for it but let’s remember, some have an intent hatred for the West, even if Russia say, in Syria is killing civilians 10 times the rate the US coalition has, in a warped way, they see that as a good thing to make unproven statements that Russia is defeating ISIS which appears at the least, unproven.

So, this is really about combating disinformation.


No proof, this is just another anti-American statement as has been proffered, we can easily say Assad and by extension Russia has aided ISIS.

Russians tried to sell radioactive material to ISIS in Moldova, check.

Russians bombing Rebels more than ISIS, check.

ISIS filled with Russian speakers? Check.

Assad has a history of aiding Jihadis? Check

A long list of incidences can be mentioned.

There is a record, there is also a record if one who has just called a campaign killing civilians much higher than the US coalition rate, a good campaign hurting ISIS, totally unproven as well.


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