Russian foreign minister condemns rising anti-Christianity in the West [CC]

Speaking in Geneva, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov lamented growing pressures on Christians in the West."I can’t leave out problems which Christians have been experiencing in …


One of the few things more scary than a politician complaining about religion is a politician courting religion.

It’s not often I find myself on the side of a Russian politician, however, I would have to commend him for his statement. Those with conservative moral ideologies are starting to pushed to fringes of society and called bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, islmaphobes, etc…I am all for equality and fighting for the inalienable rights of all, but I’m afraid the “progressive” movement is starting to become more and more dangerous for those that see things differently.

What’s he talking about?

It’s not “politically incorrect to speak about one’s Christian identity” and values are not being shunned.

“Vandalism and the desecration of churches and temples, sacred places, cemeteries and Christian symbols are becoming increasingly common. Believers find it increasingly difficult to openly defend their faith.”

What is he referencing here?


I’ve heard anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. It existed before, but its more open now. Ignorant people are denying the holocaust, and the survivors are dying off who could rebut them. While Christians are still very much allowed to speak in public, taking a stand for conservative moral positions gets one preemptively labeled judgmental, bigoted, etc. Youth are falling away from religion because they see it as bigoted. Conservatism in a political sense is out of vogue as well with most of the media and celebrity narcissism is encouraged as somehow cool or well, celebratory. In short, humanity continues along its long meandering course through history and learns the same lessons with each new generation.

This may be Mr Lavrov’s entire speech Excellent !

The West is also a very broad term and we must remember that Russia is in a tiff with it over Ukraine. It could be he’s playing to the home base to shore up support, like playing “Holy Russia” against the decadent West. It doesn’t mean he should be completely ignored.

=DaddyGirl;12794105]What’s he talking about?

Probably the rampant persecution of Christians by liberals, progressives, secularists and other Christians who cherry-pick which teachings to follow, especially on the issue so-called gay “marriage”.

It’s not “politically incorrect to speak about one’s Christian identity” and values are not being shunned.

Sure it is. Preachers can’t even talk about how bad homosexual actions in Canada because it may OFFEND someone. Wouldn’t want that now, would we…well, unless they are Islamic imams I guess.

Plus, can Christian children freely pray in schools in the West?

If not, we should stop pretending that we live in free societies.

“Vandalism and the desecration of churches and temples, sacred places, cemeteries and Christian symbols are becoming increasingly common. Believers find it increasingly difficult to openly defend their faith.”

:yup: No question

What is he referencing here?

Sometimes we miss the truth because we are uncomfortable with it or do not want to own it…
*" Aggressive secularism **is ***gaining momentum. The notions of morality and traditional national, cultural and religious identity are being eroded. Incidences of vandalism and desecration of churches, temples, holy places, cemeteries and Christian symbols are growing fast. It is increasingly difficult for believers to uphold their convictions.
[FONT=Palatino Linotype][size=3]Lessons of **history **show that a **civilisation **that has abandoned its moral ideals loses its spiritual strength. All of us must remember this …[/size][/FONT]

In this I agree.

Militant secularism is a plague that can be cured with knowledge and tolerance.

Great - now stop sabre rattling by flying nuclear bombers through European airline routes.


 I half way agree with your statement.  Knowledge is necessary but instead of tolerance I think it's acceptance that's called for.  Tolerance and acceptance are not actually the same thing.  For example I tolerate can create a an us and them scenario such as the humanists and muslims tolerating the christians situation this can and does lead to flare ups of violence when some perceived insult has been done to one of those groups.  Acceptance however acknowledges our differences yet binds us together as a people.  It may sound like political correctness but it's not.

I’m aware of the two separate meanings. Though I myself wouldn’t want to practice acceptance with a secularist. They’ve never practiced acceptance with us, and while some would love to offer their hands, I’d rather not have it bitten by their ilk.

Although I agree with this man’s statements, I believe Putin is just using these issues to his own advantage. Pandering to the Christian.

IMHO this man is behind the many nefarious deeds going on in his Country. We should also let him know that stealing pieces of another country and medaling in their affairs is also very anti-Christian.


You should let your neighbour to the south know this as well when you pen the note to Putin.

Attacking the West is right out of the Putin playbook. His administration should spend more time speaking about the Christians being actually persecuted in the Middle East.

Remember the Soviet Union and their attempts to make the West seem lawless and immoral? My Dad tells a very funny story about one time this backfired pathetically (before my time). He said that during the Watts riots in LA, the Soviets took the footage of people looting and running from their homes and showed it repeatedly in the USSR to show how awful it was to be American (as if this were going on throughout America). Well, the problem was that the Soviet people saw the very poorest Americans owned houses and appliances. They saw them getting into their own cars. All this showed was that the rioting Americans had a better lifestyle than the average Soviet! Oops.

So your father was a Soviet citizen then and livin in the USSR at this time?


No, this was from a news program after the fall of the Soviet Union. I heard a similar story in one of my college history classes, but I remember my dad’s story better. If you are questioning my credibility, I would happy to give you the name of the professor and the university where he teaches.

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