Russian infiltration attack through NRA confirmed


Here is the main story link:

And an interview with a Washington Post investigative reporter on the topic:

Apparently the woman started a fake organization in Russia that promoted gun ownership, and people connected with the NRA bought into it and accepted her support and influence, paving the way for her infiltration in Washington. The NRA was fooled into thinking that she was some sort of rogue in Russia, working against Putin, but the interview of Rosalind Helderman, who knows a lot about the case, reveals quite the opposite.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense for an adversary of the U.S. to support an organization (the NRA) that mistrusts government and whose members hold arms to protect themselves against the US government. It makes sense for Russia to support U.S. citizens having the right to own weapons that enable disaster and mayhem here in the States as punishment for sanctions and adversarial relations with their country.

I wonder if members of the NRA would now consider retaliating against Russia by, i.e., contributing to organizations within that country that make assault weapons more accessible to Russians. Trouble is, they are going to have to find an organization other than the one set up by Maria Butina, which was basically, from reports, allowed and probably set up by the Russian government for the purpose of infiltrating US politics.

OTOH, it may be that NRA members are now so enthralled with Russian people that they would not wish the same mass murder we have on anyone else. That would be a compassionate approach.


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