Russian Jet Buzzes AF Intel Plane



This is no joking around or showing off! This was a NEAR MISS jeopradizing many of our finest. Imagine 15 feet - the length of a Dodge Ram truck, and at that it would be short. Now imagine a jet fighter at FAST hot dogging next to a large passenger aircraft.

Mr. Putin needs to address this reckless endangerment. He was rightly outraged over the shootdown of his fighter aircraft by Turkey - he may not hear a peep out of Obama but he needs to know I am rightly outraged regarding this near miss/buzz. Just getting out of hand Mr. Putin and time is getting shorter.


I am sure Russia do not wish to lose their finest.

No-one was killed, so good pilots. Just a bit of a ‘buzz’. :wink:


NO! NYET! Not tolerable and thanks be to God that our plane was not blown up! As it was the jerk blasted them with powerful thrust waves which can also damage. So no smiley faces over this one! So - NOT so good pilots!


Some of the commenters, most of the same bent, to the fox news piece. :slight_smile:

*JefCDavis 3 days ago

“Unsafe and unprofessional!” This is getting to be the Pentagon’s go-to language, and it is just absurd. What does a military do? It kills people and intimidates countries. So come up with something better. Like the truth–"We’re angry our crew had to change their underwear and we’re sending the bill to Putin.

stern 31 minutes ago

I think it’s funny. What can you expect when you’re spying in an area trying not to be seen? Things are going to happen. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the spying business.*"


I heard about this and it sounds like Turkey asserted a Russian jet violated their air space, Russia denies this. So, a situation all around to keep an eye on.


I doubt a spy plane was just there to drop your ‘finest’ off for a quick wander through duty free.


Not the same incident.


This has been going on since the late 1940s. US and UK Intel aircraft have been threatened and shot at for years over “denied airspace.” When the U-2 was spotted by Russian fighters, they could not climb to altitude since their engines would flame-out. But they tried. And got a good look at the shape of the mystery - at the time - plane.



You better believe the American plane was not just there to give Russian promoters giggles and laughs! They were flying in international airspace! They don’t have to let anyone know why they are there or what they are doing.

Slamming Fox News is so dull, as a matter of fact this was from CNN.

Its not something to slap another vodka down and celebrate. Important, very important, wonderful airmen were endangered. Fans of all things Putin/Russian can keep still.

There better not be any more of this stuff - no joke.


I heartily dislike vodka and rarely drink alcohol. I prefer a very occasional glass of India pale ale or a Murphy’s stout once in a great while.

By the way the link in your original post doesn’t work, just thought I should mention that as the mod will close the thread unless a working link is provided.


Of course with regards to to that the Soviet were quite right and justified in shooting down Gary Powers. .


Correction of link…


Thanks, Freedom House has Russia listed as an unfree nation along with others such as North Korea. Just like North Korea, it appears to manipulate the population, the country is on a war footing and appears to threaten other nations. The economies of these countries are often sour as well.


Thanks for noticing the link - I redid it. Wouldn’t want to be reported for an insufficient link.


                                            Wonder how this would be regarded if the roles were reversed and it happened in the Gulf of Mexico ?


I am sure the fact that the majority of the Russian Fleet is based in the area and this intelligence plane just happened to be wandering by are not by any stretch of the imagination remotely connected.


I saw a photo published in a newspaper at the time. Having seen many, many photos of glider crashes, the aircraft appeared to have entered a controlled descent and crash-landed in a way typical of glider crashes. Mr. Powers did not use his suicide pill.



i believe Captain Powers was court-martialled as I recall when he got back to the US but ws cleared of all charges.


Its getting worse - Russia plays games on air and sea in Alaska and the Chinese are building islands in international waters - Russia invades Ukraine - Iran “owns” Persian Gulf - N.Korea “owns” everything - bolder and more bullyish until something happens! The odds are heavy on the will happen side. Are we going to have another Jimmy Carter Pueblo or a Bubba Clinton Black Hawk Down, or an Obama/Clinton Benghazi or an Iranian medal presentation for GPS hacking of our Navy Patrol Boats, to name a few.

I don’t think Trump, Cruz and Rubio sound like they are going to let this continue unchecked.


The US plane was spying, hence I assume it was ‘undercover’, otherwise it was wasting its’ time. So, these things happen during a war.

The link in the OP went to a google page and fox was the first link. However these comments are from readers, reading, also on the google search page.

Some more comments…

Gary Sellars • 4 days ago

“U.S. officials told Fox News Russian fighter jets intercepted American Predator drones at least three times in the first week of Moscow’s air campaign over Syria last fall.”

Which is tantamount to an admission that US drones were violating Syrian airspace…seriously, why to these presstitute journos repeat these blatant agitprop lies by Fashington without even a semblance of critical thought?

rodgerolsen • 4 days ago

Ah, was the Russian pilot nasty to our spy plane? Don’t they know that American spy planes have the right of way anywhere they go? They should know by now, we’ve sent hundreds of planes to spy on their borders and over their territory and they should have learned by now that we are Unique. No one is allow to complain about our spying, or our aggression, or our bumbling.

mariandavid • 4 days ago

Utter nonsense - as if a nation could not fly close to a spy plane of all things. More invented hysteria.

dave ford • 4 days ago

why dont we ever hear of our jets doing the same thing, they must think were wussys
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