Russian Orthodox Church Being Built near Eiffel Tower


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There is a lot of Russians in Paris who are Orthodox so it easily understood to help bring them together. What had happened in the Ukraine was blown out of proportion because the West gets too easily sided that Russia is trying to start something there. The problem with the West was their misunderstanding on who actually owned the Crimea in the first place. Before the communists took over Russia this vital land was part of Russia. It was in the 1950’s when the Communists were in power that they had given it to the Ukraine. Now the communists authorities thought there will be no dissolving of the Soviet Union so when the Soviet Union was broken up to what countries there is today Russia just wanted her piece of land which was part of them in the past to be part of them once again. The West however decided to act against Russia which if you think about it was probably as bad as a judgment you can get from the leaders of the West. It is strange to see the West now acting more aggressive in her judgments when it is dealing with Russia because it seems the pendulum has now swung in favor of Russia who sees in the West this aggressor which was once attributed to the former Soviet Union. We in the West have really miscalculated on this one.



I liked what you say and I agree with most. I admire that Russia has found a superior leader who is preserving his own people, unlike nearly all Western leaders in recent history. I’m certain North American leadership is dangerously jealous. From the French point of view it is a sellout and a lie to put an Eastern Church in the cultural center of Paris (although Russians would consider wiping out Napoleon’s army on home-ground as a cultural achievement), and from the Russian point of view it has always been a sellout and a lie to view Christianity from the perspective of a cultural icon. In this case it is Putin’s wedge between Europe and American influence. What both sides of this deal could readily agree upon, is that it needn’t be a Catholic Church added into that particular cultural center. Again modern man gives Jesus’s Church (Mt 16:18) the afterthought. True Catholics hate that man put cracks in Christianity; but they are still happy to see the Blessed Sacrament spontaneously appear in the center of Paris.


Virtually every piece of the earth was “once someone else’s”. The fact is that Russia twice agreed to the integrity of Ukraine as the borders were prior to Russian seizure of Crimea. Irredentist aspirations are understandable, but they are not justified simply because they may quicken the breath. Does anyone doubt Germany would like to have Silesia and East Prussia back? Does anybody doubt that using force to accomplish it would be unjustifiable.

Some of my own ancestors came from Alsace (Elsass). They were German-speaking, as most Alsatians were at the time, and in no way identified with France. Was Bismark, then, justified in 1870 in seizing it and Lorraine? From the French perspective, it excited irridentist aspirations which were not a small part of the conditions leading to WWI.

And, indeed, irridentist emotions in Germany prior to WWII were probably essential to the rise of Nazism.

Russia is now effectively engaging in a low-level, slow-motion war with another country; Ukraine. Are we to justify war so easily just because it satisfies nationalist pride in a country that could much better expend its resources to aid its poverty-stricken populace?


The land of Crimea was Russian and is part of her navy base. The Russian government took the legal way in getting it back. There is no aggression from Russia at all. If there are internal problems going on in the Ukraine it is because of Russian nationality who actually live there. The problems of the former Soviet Union has not been solved because there are so many nationals living in every part of those nations which became independent after the Soviet Union became dissolved. We are only witnessing the after effects of what the former Soviet Union had become. Internal struggles are quite normal coming from a former aggression power of the former Soviet Union so the only solution is to allow it to happened so that it can be resolved. We are only dealing here with the former politics of what the former Soviet Union had created because so many nationals were living in many parts of the Soviet Union. This great confusion must be hard for the West to understand.


Thanks for your comments. The appearance of Russian Orthodoxy especially in France was an important development to preserve the Orthodox Church when it was taken over by the Communists in Russia. By allowing many immigrants to leave Russia I believe God is somehow exposing Orthodoxy more to the Catholic West so as to have more personal contacts to a Church they hardly know of. The development of so much immigration from the East of the Orthodox to the West will help and enhance our own ties toward unity. Without these personal contacts the quest for unity would have been bogged down too much. Personal contacts invites us to see each other so that mutual understanding will evolve between our two great Churches.


You don’t put in a puppet government backed up by Russian/pro-Russian gunmen, then have said government call for Russian help (as was expected); Russia then occupies another country’s territory (which Russia agreed belonged to Ukraine as they signed a treaty) which then calls a “referendum”, which did not include retaining the status quo or remaining in the Ukraine on the ballot (thus excluding the 42% of the population that was not of Russian ethnic origins).

Putin STOLE Crimea, so if there is any confusion it is with those who claim that this was a legal act.


We have not lived under a Communist state for 80 years to understand what is now developing in the former Soviet Union. It is too easy to make assumptions. Russia wanted her navy base back because too many in the West still do not trust her. The history of Russia always led me to believe she was attacked to often by the West. I am not talking about the Communists here but before the Communists took over. I am afraid the same scenario seems to building up between Russia and the West and politics have often been our greatest blunder when we are dealing with Russia.


Have you any idea of Russia’s persecution of Ukrainians and/or Tartars (prior to the USSR)? They are not innocent of wrong-doing, so stop sugar coating their recent illegal actions of aggression by somehow implying that it is justified because the West was so mean to Russia in the past.


There are still German-speakers in Alsace and Lorraine. The majority in Alsace, certainly, are of German ethnic origin. Is Germany, therefore, within its rights to take them back by subversion and force of arms? And perhaps Austria too. Germany still has not regained the Sudetenland, Silesia or East Prussia. Should it?

Using ethnic origins to rearrange borders that were fully agreed to (including by Russia in the case of Ukraine) is a potentially endless source of conflict. In that way, Putin’s ruling elite is no better than ISIS or Iran…just quieter.


Are we to justify war so easily just because it satisfies nationalist pride in a country that could much better expend its resources to aid its poverty-stricken populace?

Yes I know this is a major problem for the US.


Except, of course, that the U.S. is, by world standards, far from being poverty stricken. You do know, I assume, that the value of a comprehensive welfare basket to a recipient is about $60,000/year? That’s not poverty.

And, really, if U.S. military endeavors were motivated by nationalist pride, the U.S. would own half the world today. That’s not the motivator. If, like Russia, we based aggression on a common language, we would at least own Canada, Britain, Australia, NZ, and Ireland. But we don’t.


I hope you’re right, because what you are hoping for agrees exactly with the hopes of Vatican II. Personally I’m not optimistic because a Catholic presence has mixed with the Russian Church practically since the start with little progress to show at this time.

But France is a mysterious case; you’re telling me a Russian Orthodox refuge from the Communists which is fascinating to me. The Lord appears to work through France, since Mary appeared to the people there an amazing number of times. Maybe this Church is also part of the Lord’s pattern and plan in France, which has really slipped downhill in their faith. I hope they choose a fitting name for the parish. How popular and how strong do you find the Russian Church’s desire to unite with Catholicism? Is there anything pressing the issue or do you think it will drag on another millennium?


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