Russian Orthodox Church pulls out of Crete council [CC]


The Russian Orthodox Church will not send representatives to the Pan-Orthodox Council that is scheduled to open in Crete on June 19, the Moscow patriarchate has announced.



Didn’t the Bulgarian Orthodox Church pull out of this too?


From the article:

…called in response to decisions by several Orthodox bodies to pull out of the gathering…

Who else has pulled out besides the Bulgarian and Russian Orthodox Churches?


Too bad as people have been speculating and hoping for positive results and for years now. That said I don’t think its as dramatic as some might be led to believe. These people are quite aware of each other and communication, though at times unfortunately that is not possible to our liking.

My prayers are with them.


After the Bulgarian Orthodox cancelled, at least three other churches withdrew:

[quote=National Catholic Register]Five days later, another Church announced it could not participate: the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East, based in Damascus Syria, which has been embroiled in a jurisdictional dispute with the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. The two churches have broken communion.

Since the disagreement has not been settled, and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople scheduled mediation for after the council, the Antioch Church considers it impossible to attend a council dedicated to unity.

The unraveling accelerated by the end of the week, with the Serbian Orthodox Church and Orthodox Church of Georgia piling on, adding a specific complaint about the agenda item on ecumenical dialogue.

So before the Russian Orthodox announced its decision, at least four of the 14 churches had withdrawn. Sadly, only five months ago all 14 had agreed on an agenda, but tensions had been evident and these boiled over as the council date approached.

(The NCR article explains each grievance, for those interested)


Well, this is rather sad. I have seen an article which basically said it would be useless to even hold the council if the Russian Orthodox Church pulls out and apparently, they did.


The ROC has more faithful than all the other Eastern Orthodox churches combined. It would almost be like an ecumenical council of the Catholic Church where the Latin Church decided to pull out.


Why even have a council if the Russians don’t show up?


Hmmm. Why did they say they will not be ABLE to participate? That is a strange way to state that you will not attend. Usually, a polite reason is offered. Wonder if they have been instructed NOT to attend? What could have become a barrier to their attending? Are the faithful hoping to be in agreement with others regarding their beliefs? Rather sad.



:slight_smile: Its humorous I actually agree, but sad its not taking place.:o We should insist on a better answer to this kinda of a unclear impolite response. In fact I have to think better of all and assume we don’t know all the details “yet”. Where is all this well learned politesse? :slight_smile:


This is pretty much why, when I was trying to decide whether I would become Orthodox or Catholic, I chose Catholic. I believe both faiths have all the sacraments, apostolic succession, etc. But I am firmly convinced that Christ would not have left us without a clear leader- the Pope- and I think the disunity seen here is exactly why.


What you stated is one of the main reasons why I believe the Catholic Church has the fullness of the Faith whereas the Orthodox have a lot of the fullness of the Faith but not all of it.


“We have made a decision that we will not be able to take part in the all-Orthodox Synod if other churches do not go,” Hilarion said.


Thanks for this article! It had a tremendous amount of background and context in it.


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