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There seems to be a very unchristian attitude here:-

Unchristian on which side? I believe the women should receive jail time for their actions. Furthermore the BBC says the Russian Orthodox Church calls for severe punishment, but I don’t see any quotes or a source. Either way, forgiveness from the Church, if you are referring to its reaction as unchristian, does not mean you can’t punish them. How about all the murderers, the Catholic Church calls for forgiveness, it doesn’t claim that no justice should be served though.

In Christ,

Jail for playing a song? I hardly think it’s comparable to murder. Like I say unchristian, turn the other cheek.

Imagine a group with such a provocative name decided to barge into St. Peter’s Basilica instead and pull a similar stunt. What would be the reaction of Catholic faithful?

Likely we would declare: “Is outrage!”

Remember, this Cathedral is the seat of Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church - the Third Rome.

Also bear in mind that this is Russia. After years of suppression, the Church is re-emerging, but in a society that in many ways is even more secular than the West. The story is important for this reason, more so than the incident itself.

That said, if you were to suggest that the Vatican might handle such an incident differently, there may be something debatable here, but that isn’t entirely fair either.

In either case, I think forgiveness would be freely given by Patriarch Kirill if it were humbly sought by the offenders, and mercy would also be requested and petitioned.

I think the forgiveness is largely irrelevant as they are probably not looking for forgiveness. It’s proportion, there are far more serious crimes to worry about than juvenile pranksters, they sang a song and that’s it.

Are you even aware of what they sang? I doubt it was Russian Orthodox chant …

I don’t think it matters it’s just singing.

So you would be OK if they barged into St. Peter’s Basilica singing profanity-laced lyrics set to punk rock tune?

Obviously it would upset people, but jail is over the top. I also think that if the tune was a folk tune it would be of equal significance.

Perhaps, but again this occurred in Russia. I’ll assume for the moment you are American (or at least Western).

These young ladies violated two taboos - first, they disrespected the Holy Church by staging political protest in it - second, the protest was political and directed at Vladimir Putin.

So why are they really being dealt with so severely?

Exactly it’s an excuse, the church should not encourage the state.

The article was not real clear but it sounded like they disrupted a Divine liturgy or at least some liturgical gathering. (used the phase “shocking worshipers”). Even in the US that is a crime that warrants jail time.

Even if it was just tourists and people quietly praying it could still be considered criminal trespass.


A few years ago some First Nations disrupted Mass at the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver to protest. I forgot the result, but if I remember correctly they were prosecuted because it is illegal in Canada to disrupt religious services.

I do not think the act of murder was being put on the same level. I think the point was that forgiveness is part of the Catholic teaching & that even murder could be forgiven.

This article is very vague. It is hard to say what happened, or what should happen, based on the article alone.

That is very true in this case. The article does not even state the basics of the case or incident. I happened to have read of this incident shortly after it occurred. Without that background, the circumstances described in the article may indeed have seemed more harsh than warranted, especially to Westerners.

Indeed. I’m not sure if this is accidentally vague or intentionally vague.

The BBC tends to be a bit anti-Russian at times, so one could speculate that the article’s omission of basic background information may have been “editorial”.

Either that, or they didn’t let the story develop.
You did mention that you have read of this incident shortly after it occurred, yes?*****-riot-punk-band-left-to-languish-in-jail-for-putin-protest-7962544.html

More information in this article, still seems harsh to me. The cathedral guard seems to be milking it.

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