Russian Orthodox leader expresses concern that Montenegro may join NATO [CC]


The head of the Russian Orthodox Church received Serbia’s justice minister in audience on December 28 and expressed concern that Montenegro-which became independent from Serbia …



Montenegro might or might not joint NATO. Given that Serbia has historically be a pretty warlike state and had visions of a “Greater Serbia”, I doubt it took Montenegrin independence well. Russia, of course, has always seen itself as the “protector” of Serbia, and probably wasn’t favorable to Montenegrin independence either.

For the Moscow Patriarch to lament the possibility of Montenegro joining NATO is what one would expect, given the close identification of the Russian Orthodox Church with the Russian state.


Montenegro and Serbia, are like Belarus and Russia. The same people. Tiny Montenegro which had population of 300 000 declared war on Austro-Hungary Empire in 1914 (55 millions population) only because Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia. In battle of Mojkovac 1915, entire Montenegrin army died to keep Austrians away, while the Serbian Army and king flee south to Greece, so they could continue fighting there allied with the Greeks. Montenegro declared war on Japan only because Japan and Russian Empire were at war. lol

And NATO pact bombed Montenegro (And Serbia) in 1999, so Montenegro joining NATO pact is kinda a sick idea. NATO pact even bombed Montenegro with depleted uranium, poisoning the certain parts of it’s soil.

Montenegro is ruled for over 25 years by dictator Milo Djukanovic, first he was a communist, then he became Serbian nationalist in early 1990s, now he is pro-gay, pro-NATO pact criminal who uses plots to divide the People of Montenegro on pro-East and pro-West while he feeds on it, but the essence is, he is blackmailed by the west, he can keep his sick grip to power, if he does US’s bidding.
He used force to crush massive anti-NATO protests. He even denied the People’s demands for referendum to be held about the joining NATO. He knows that he would lose.

The local Orthodox Metropolitan threw a curse at Milo Djukanovic for all his crimes, Milo retaliated by importing laws which forbid the Metropolitan to rebuild and restore ancient monasteries and he is also banishing the priests from Montenegro.

And Serbia is a broken dying country, after all the genocides Serbs survived during world war 1 by Austria, 2 by the ustashe and Germans and the last wars in 1990s by NATO, all Serbs want to do is go to Germany and work there as truck drivers and WC cleaners, because west destroyed their country for good.

And Montenegro was the place where first Serbia was founded, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, st Sava was born in today’s capital of Montenegro Podgorica. Slobodan Milosevic’s parents both were from Montenegro, the reformer of Serbian Cyrillic alphabet Vuk Karadzic is from Montenegro, etc… the list is endless.

Let’s do some history research first, then comment.

Russian Patriarch should know better and refrain from hoping on restoring Orthodox Christianity through Serbia and Montenegro in the region. Muslim Albanians and Bosnian Muslims will simply take over the region. They have the support of the US and EU anyway.


I think the time is coming when Russia will have to form military alliances that make Western governments uncomfortable. They still haven’t been able to accept the reality that the expansion of NATO is precisely the reason Putin is so popular.


It’s almost like Nato is popular because of the aggression that one may see from some countries, not respecting a country’s sovereignty.


Here, this article does show that some organization over there calls the PM very corrupt, I myself do not know.


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