Russian Orthodox official blasts Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage [CC]

Metropolitan Hilarion, the chairman of the Department of External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, offered strong criticism of the US Supreme Court decision on same-sex …


America the Great, exceptional, land of the free, democratic, greatest country on God’s green earth as some like to say…responsible for the murder of millions of unborn little souls and now gay marriage…ISIS head chopping, fire burning and drowning pales in comparison!!! (notwithstanding them being children of satin)How would you like to meet your creator knowing your vote had so much influence especially re abortion. scary shi#$%$#$! Wasn’t this justice a Catholic??? all the more ironic …pathetic!

Where is Metropolitan Hilarion located? I should know, but I’m afraid I don’t. I take it that he is located in Moscow itself, but it wasn’t entirely clear to me.

Metropolitan Hilarion is at present located in Volokolamsk which is a town some distance away from Moscow. He was assistant Bishop when younger in diocese of Sourozh which covers the area of the UK and Russian Orthodox Christians in the UK and Ireland.

As a piece of trivia he is also a noted composer.

The more I learn about Russia, the more I admire it, and especially Russian Orthodoxy.

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