Russian Orthodox patriarch praises Pope, criticizes Ukrainian Catholics [CC]

Speaking at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church praised Pope Francis and Cardinal Pietro Parolin …


Isn’t it really the Ukrainians that are having to fight off Russia from their land? Kinda odd that Russia would bash the Catholics in Ukraine when Russia could just leave that area alone.

" The Patriarch- comments : as we know, the Greek Catholics and schismatics in Ukraine

are the Greek Catholics referred to the Byzantine Rite Catholics-who are the schismatics?

The “Greek Catholics” are the Ukrainian Catholics (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church).
The “Schismatics” are the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, neither of which are in communion with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate (which obviously by its name is under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church).

Yes, “Greek Catholic” and “Byzantine-Rite Catholic” are interchangeable. (Although they can be confusing: there are 14 Greek Catholic churches, but the term “Byzantine Catholic” is sometimes used to refer to the Ruthenian Catholic Church exclusively.)

To further confuse things, the OCA used to be called “the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in America.”

The Russian Catholics are officially (in Russian), the “Russian Orthodox Greek-Catholic Church in communion with Rome” or “Russian Orthodox Church in communion with Rome”

Russian Orthodox, I’ve read are “Holy Orthodox Eastern Catholic Russian Church”

I always suspected you guys were out to confuse things. :tsktsk:

Have friends on another forum who know the geography and languages…point out the Ukraine mostly speaks Russian. And it is still very confusing.

Yes. This is very confusing.

:confused: “Holy Orthodox Eastern Catholic Russian Church”???

More confusing.

Sad isn’t it? Some Christians can’t accept the fact that Catholic means being ICWR. :frowning:

It’s not ‘the Ukraine’, it’s a sovereign nation, so it’s ‘Ukraine’ (just like it’s not ‘the Russia’ or ‘the France’ or ‘the Mexico’). :wink:

And, Ukrainians speak Russian because it was the official language of the USSR. In eastern Ukraine, where many Ukrainians have Russian ethnicity, Russian is spoken as a first language. Go to western Ukraine, though, and trust me – what you hear on the streets is Ukrainian, not Russian!

ICWR? :confused:

In communion with Rome?

That sounds right. Thanks!

Maybe on this forum it does :wink:


Although I would prefer if we all used the equivalent expression ICWTMPOA (In Communion with the Melkite Patriarch of Antioch) … I can’t understand why that hasn’t caught on. :frowning: :cool:


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