Russian patriarch criticizes Ukrainian Catholics; Coptic pope says 'real' Ukrainians are Orthodox [CC]

In a meeting with the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow criticized the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church as well as Orthodox churches in Ukraine that are not in …


Who cares about their opinion? :D:D:D

The COPTIC Pope said NO SUCH THING. This headline is wrong. It was the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria Theodore II that the Russian Patriarch met with, not the Coptic Pope. His Holiness Tawadros doesn’t have the habit or need to receive handouts from Russia, financial or personal.

From Theodoros II’s wiki biography:

“From 1985 to 1990 he served as Patriarchal Exarch in Russia, based in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, during the tenure of Patriarchs Nicholas VI and Parthenios.”

He’s already been the Russian Patriarchal spokesman in Ukraine, that’s where his allegiances lie.

Oh, I see, now this makes all the things clear. :slight_smile: I was also a little confused on why would a Coptic Pope solidarize with Orthodox, considering they understand the term “Orthodox” slightly differently.

In a few months I’m going to be on a panel of religious leaders discussing which religious groups are real Americans. I can post more details if anyone is interested.

Ah, the old “No True Ukranian” fallacy.

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