Russian patriarch: Europe's secularism has reached 'apocalyptic' proportions [CWN]


Citing abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual unions, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said that Europe’s secularism has reached ?apocalyptic’ proportions.Patriarch Kirill made …



It is unfortunate that the Kirill thinks the answer to secularism is Totalitarinism rather than conversion.


The Chicken Little story goes back at least 2500 years. Seems to be a part of the human experience. Nothing new here.


Patriarch Kirill is always like a breath of fresh air to listen to.


Love it.


He can say this, the question is is if Russia will be able to overcome its secular past.


This is the triumphant, anguished cry of the Russian soul!

At any rate, at least they’re headed in the right direction…:rolleyes:


Perhaps while he’s lamenting the sins of Europe, he might want to urge Putin to get rid of shrine to that monster, Lenin, given the place of honor in Red Square. What’s that biblical saying about removing the speck from one’s brother’s eye?


Well France still celebrates the storming of bastille as a national holiday, the start of that monstrous event the French revolution and give that public honor,.


Well there is this in Russia :thumbsup:


Uh, just because I have a soft spot for the Russian Orthodox Church doesn’t mean I necessarily have a soft spot for Putin…just speaking for myself here. An important clarification I feel.


The whole world has gone mad.

Imagine the world without the Roman Catholic Church.


It’s nice to hear someone not desperately trying to pander to the media. Trying to do what the media wants only leads to the media getting shocked and appalled when doctrines are actually kept and restated. Ignoring the media and going along the same path at least means that the outrage at your “intolerant” stance will die off because it’ll become old, boring, unimportant news.


So, Putin says he will reconstruct a church a few blocks from the shrine he maintains to a mass murderer. Are we to be impressed with his reverence for the first or the second or perhaps both?


Uh, actually, and ironically for this thread, that’s what is happening in those areas of Ukraine taken over by Putin’s Russian troops and separatists like in Crimea and in certain areas of the Donetsk oblast. In these areas taken over by Putin’s forces and the pro-Russian separatists run by Moscow, not only is it possible to imagine the Roman Catholic Church being forced out; it is happening in reality before our eyes as only the Moscow Patriarch’s Russian Orthodox church is allowed to flourish without problem.

Father Petro of the Roman Catholic parish in Simferopil, Crimea has had to leave his Roman Catholic parishioners and church weeks ago, even though his request to stay in Crimea was delivered to the ‘leaders’ Vladimir Putin selected to rule over Crimea. A Roman Catholic priest in the Donetsk oblast was kidnapped and imprisoned by the Putin-supported pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk not too long ago.

The whole question of the continued existence of the Roman Catholic Church in areas of Ukraine taken over by Putin’s troops, mercenaries, and separatists is really in the air now according to Dmytro Makarov of a human rights mission in Crimea.

I wish those posters on CAF who defend Putin so rigorously and/or the Patriarch’s church which wholeheartedly supports Putin, also think about these fellow Catholic believers who in a sovereign Ukraine were allowed to worship God freely but who are now under threat as a new authority has taken over. I believe prayers for these Catholic priests and their parishioner families left without a shepherd are surely warranted from fellow Catholics on CAF. How, indeed, would any CAF member feel if this Sunday in their Catholic Church their priest informed them that he will no longer be able to celebrate Mass, the Eucharist, baptize their kids, perform marriages, or minister to them as the new “authorities” are kicking him out and nobody is replacing him.


Just out of curiosity, what are the opinions of the other Orthodox patriarchs/metropolitans/etc in other countries/jurisdictions?


Point well made. My prayers are with the Catholic Church in the Ukraine. Nationalism and religion are an ugly, often deadly combination.


There were barely any catholics in the east before the “take over”. Nearly all of Ukraine’s catholics (greek catholics) are located in the far west by lviv and that region. There also barely any latin rite catholics in any part of Ukraine and definitely not in the eastern part. I wish those poster on CAF who hate on Putin would realize that the western powers wanting to take over Ukraine will bring secularism, liberalism, the gay lobby, and all of those wonderful things once they secure a foothold in Ukraine.



Post charitably about the issues and don’t discuss other members


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