Russian Patriarch Kirill makes historic visit to Poland [BBC]

The head of Russia’s Orthodox Church has been given a state welcome to Poland on a historic visit that may be overshadowed by the [Psy] Riot trial.*

Patriarch Kirill’s four-day visit is seen as a breakthrough in efforts to reconcile the two countries, divided by politics and religion for centuries.

Poland has a small Orthodox community but is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic…

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The Ocean to Ocean peregrination of Our Lady of Czestochowa, which began in Vladivostok and has arrived in Poland this Sunday, has throughout its pilgrimage united Christians, Orthodox and Catholic, in defence of life.

It is a great blessing and a display of true Christian charity on the part of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch and successor of the Apostles to make such an unprecedented move at such a time.

I pray that it will serve as a step towards bringing Orthodoxy and Catholicism closer together and into alliance against the forces of evil running rampant in the world today.

Patriarch Kiril hasn’t been especially friendly towards the Catholic Church. I think Poland is being very diplomatic in welcoming him with state honors.

Well, the current Polish government isn’t particularly friendly to the Catholic Church either. Regardless of any political motives on the Russian side or the Polish side, I think that any move towards reconciliation, no matter how superficial, should nonetheless be welcomed.

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