Russian Patriarch: laws for same-sex “marriage” justify sin, threaten civilization [Fr. Z]

#1 least someone is saying it.


Patriarch Kirill: Violation of God’s Laws is Destroying Human Civilization

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Warns Against Legislating in Favor of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Violating God’s laws by legislating in favor of same-sex ‘marriage’ is a threat to human civilization, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has said.

Speaking after a liturgy on Sunday at the Kremlin’s Cathedral of the Assumption in commemoration of the Russian Orthodox Church’s New Martyrs and confessors, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said it’s possible to argue that such laws are needed “to avoid discrimination against anyone in anything.”

“But the next moment one realizes that it is not civil, political, economic, or cultural discrimination that is meant here, but something that has never been seen as discrimination at all,” he said. “What is meant here is a person’s intimate life.”

We are offered to justify the sinful ruining of this life by laws,” he added, according to the Russian news agency Interfax. But the patriarch continued: “Never in the history of mankind have state laws been used to justify sin. Even the pagans did not do that, although the pagan understanding of what sin is like was very vague.”

“God gave laws to humankind, whose violation is leading to a destruction of human civilization,” he said.

“If we are to live on as a nation, as a society and as a human civilization, we must not venture to challenge the God-given laws,” the Russian patriarch said.

Gospodi, pomilui!

The Russian Orthodox Patriarch, ladies and gents. *Doing his bit – and ours – for the New Evangelization.

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Well said and good for him. :thumbsup:



BTW - Patriarch Kirill kind of looks like my dad.


It’s good to see him standing up for what is right!



Good for Patriarch Kirill

The pictures also remind me that I’ll have to be sneaking back to our local Orthodox parish for a little worship. Their liturgy is so beautiful!





The Russian Patriarch is absolutely right about this. It takes courage to publicly go against the flow of the culture of hedonism.


Amen ! to the Russian Patriarch.


100th anniversary of Fatima fast arriving.


That kind of talk is totally divisive.


Good for him!





Amen!! Good for him:)


It’s always nice to see an influential person blaming a small minority for the destruction of human civilization. :rolleyes:


It’s always nice to see the Patriarch of one of the world’s main Churches accorded due respect.


Well the Patriarch and his hierarchy needs to start showing respect to the Holy Father.

The Russian Orthodox leadership- most cantankerous among all of the Orthodox and adversaries of Ecumenism.


Please show me a statement where Patriarch Kiril has shown any disrespect by Popes Benedict or Francis.


Don’t get pulled into irrelevancies and distractions. That post has nothing to do with the merit of his words, which IS the point of the topic.


Quite true, although as half my family IS Russian Orthodox I tend to find remarks like that about him and the Russian Orthodox a little bit irksome as you might imagine.


Oh I understand, but too often, we see these topics detoured because the person delivering the message isn’t the Virgin Mary. I’d take a faithful member of the Russian Orthodox Church over a lazy, indifferent, secular Westerner any day.


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