Russian patriarch: Protestant acceptance of homosexuality undermines ecumenism [CC]

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, met with the general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) on June 28 and said that the acceptance of homosexuality by some Protestant communities undermines ecumenism.


Most issues of social justice sure seems to.

Three cheers for Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church!!!

I didn't think the Russian Orthodox were looking to re-unite with The United Methodist Church any time soon, though.:rolleyes:

There was talk a few decades back of the Orthodox entering communion with the Anglicans but women's ordination scuppered that.

Patriach Kiril happens to be the Patriach of the Church one half of my family belong to. It should be noted he has also spoken out against those within Russia who have used violence against homosexul individuals. Americans and Europeans should note that homosexuality outside some parts of the largest cities is regarded with great distaste by many people and although it's been legalised in recent years outspoken homosexuals runs the risk of physical violence in many places. In my wife's home city been gay would be a risky business indeed.

Patriach Kiril is reflecting what the Orthodox Church as well as the Catholic has always taught on homosexuality. That is that it is disordered morally as an active lifestyle.

It is not a matter of social justice so much as the fact that Patriach Kiril is called upon in his role to defend the tenets of his Church even where those do not agree with others, including the Catholic Church. However he and the other Russian clergy would equally denounce nationalist and fascist* groups amongst others who target gays.

*Yes there are young men mad enough to be inspired by fascist movements in Russia despite the fact that this was the country that suffered the most casaulties during WW2.

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