Russian propaganda cartoons show Vladimir Putin executing corrupt officials


Russian propaganda cartoons show Vladimir Putin executing corrupt officials

A pro-government political group has released a series of bizarre cartoons showing Russian President Vladimir Putin brutally dispatching corrupt officials. The clips show political figures accused of corruption grovelling before Russia’s strongman leader, before being executed by methods including decapitation and shooting.

The cartoons, called In Putin’s Reception, were released by the All-Russia People’s Front, which was founded by Putin in 2011. One shows Alexander Koroshavin, the former governor of Sakhalin who was sacked for taking bribes, stammering excuses in the president’s Kremlin office, before Putin presses a button and he falls to his death through a trapdoor under his chair.

The punishment often reflects the crime, with a corrupt environment official turned to sawdust with a saw, and a housing official decapitated by Putin using a mechanical grab operated by a joystick.

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It would be good to start with this refugee to fight corruption
Yanukovich. Corruption you can’t imagine


Thank you so much for posting.

I only post these stories as counter-points, to expose government’s natures.

These cartoons and many other such stories can be brought to light to indeed question such a government.


These are pretty good cartoons. I think Putin’s facial expressions and eye moves have really been captured by the cartoonist. I laughed (except for the chainsaw) because we
are used to funny slap-happy cartoons. Bugs Bunny, Wily Coyote, and Daffy Duck to name a few of my all time favorites!

There should have been one of Putin delivering a dose of plutonium, or something on the end of a sharp stick umbrella - that would have sent a message. But, all in all, a good laugh.


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